Back pocket question for Chanel

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  1. #1 Oct 8, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 8, 2012
    Hi Ladies! I am new to the Chanel world and had a quick question of the interior. So let's say there's a classic flap bag in black, and the interior of the bag is burgundy/red, would the back pocket also have a red interior? I only have a WOC that has a black interior. It's a silly question but I couldn't find my answer. If someone could please, let me know.. it would be great. Thank you!!
  2. Yes I believe the back pocket for jumbo sizes would be burgundy as well to match the inside. I'm not sure about wocs as I don't own any.
  3. Sorry I meant any sizes with burgundy interior flaps should match with the leather on back pocket As well:smile:
  4. Thank you so much! That helps me out immensely :biggrin:
  5. Never posted before but have been visiting forum for a while.

    Back pocket interior lining in my Reissue 225 (black distressed with GH) is black although interior of bag is burgundy.
    Please, does anyone own one with same description?
    Should I be worried? .....I am worried :wondering
  6. So sorry for taking over the thread but cannot start a new one since this was my first post.
    Can someone that owns a 225 black reissue help me please?
  7. Black!
  8. I have a 225 Reissue and yes the back pocket is lined in black leather but the inside is burgundy like the classic flap!
    Love the Reissue it's such a gorgeous handbag!
  9. Yes my jumbo has burgundy on inside of back pocket
  10. Thank you so much ladies!
    I appreciate your help. I have a different size of reissue where the lining of the back pocket is burgundy and I was getting a little nervous.
    Guess it varies by size and maybe by year.