Back Pain

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  1. So I woke up this morning, and was rushing around as usual to get to class on time. I bent over to put my lap top in my messanger bag and felt a shot of pain in my back :weird: I haven't really been able to move since because my lower back hurts so bad. Has anyone had this problem? And if so, what do you recomend I do?
  2. Get some ice on the sore spot now, and go see a chiropractor. Also take some Advil or Motrin. You've probably strained a muscle, it's not that uncommon.
  3. Sounds like you pulled a muscle, I think to be on the safe side you should see a docter, until then try a hot bath.

    Good luck ! and keep us posted.
  4. OH yeah, been there. I was walking with my back bent without being able to stand up straight, then work had to call a car to send me to the doctor. The doctor simply said take pain killers. You should definitely go to the chiropractor when you feel better. I've been going in the past few month, I don't need to beg my husband to rub my shoulders and lower back every night now and he's just started going too.
  5. Ice for the first 24 hours, then heat. My back was acting up while on vacation. In Mexico I was able to get Flexerill(sp) a skeletal muscle relaxer over the counter (need a script here in the USA) but I would go see your doc, and go with what he says. I hope you find some relief!
  6. DRUGS, get some drugs! ;) i hope you'll be alright! ***HUGS*** but totally go see someone about it!
  7. I like those icy hot patches you can - or Ben Gay, they peel off the back and you place it on the soar spot .. they last for hours, it may not cure the pain but sure gives you a nice warm feeling that distracts it enough to be worth it.

    I'd also take Aleve - its an anti-inflamatory and not only deals with the pain but lessens the inflamation. - also Volteran is good.

    Eep I know these hurt, see your Doctor too is a good idea.

    Hope its better soon.
  8. I had a similar problem a few weeks back. I took some Advil, and got an over-the-counter back brace from Target (wore it under a dress) to stabilize movement. It kind of just went away by itself, but I still don't feel a hundred percent. If I didn't work so much, I'd see someone. Hopefully, you'll feel better soon....oh, and a hot compress of sorts helps.
  9. Sounds like you have a disc problem with the surrounding muscle going into spasm as a reaction. You should go and see a physiotherapist. They'll fix you up.
  10. Thanks for all the advice guys, back pain is the worst! I sat in a bath for a long time today, called in to work, and skipped my classes. If it's still this painful tomorrow I'll definitly call my doctor.
  11. Is this a common problem to women ? Because I have been having back problems since 7 years ago, I never resolved it yet. Throughout my last pregnancy, the pain was like my twin , I'm so used to it. I have to sleep on my side and cannot sleep on my back at all. Its that bad. Need to see a specialist this quarter, that is my resolution. At least I want to know whats happening down there. Some days its bad, it hits the nerve on my legs, luckily that doesn't happen often.
  12. To anyone with back pain, get yourself a good chiropractor. It really does help. It's not natural to live in pain. Usually they can also recommend ergonomic changes in your environment that will help alleviate and prevent neck and back problems. For muscular pain, look for someone who also does Active Release Technique.
  13. I would go check it out with a doc just in case, if anything maybe they can give you some pain meds :biggrin:
  14. Ice it the first 3 days and then hot pack after that. Go see a chiro while you're at it.
  15. OK, it's been 3 days! How is your back? Best, aw