Back pain from the mandy???

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  1. I just started carrying my Mandy in whiskey 2 days ago. Out of the blue I started experiencing lower back pain - the very same day I started carrying my bag. I first attributed it to the severe cold we're having here, but now Im beginning to wonder if it's the bag??? I've got in it: a hardcover book, wallet, old Coach skinny makeup bag, mini skinny card case, glasses case, sunglass case and kleenex. There is still tons of room left in the bag. What do you guys think?
  2. i could definately see that happening...the mandy is pretty weighty.

    i didn't have probs, but that's probably because the mandy is pretty proportionate for me and i already HAVE back problems!

    are you really petite?
  3. Girl, we Chicagoens carry our lives with us in the bag! High five for the big bag club! I just got my Ali in Whiskey... hopefully my back muscles can handle it.
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    are you kidding me???? I'm 5'10" and weigh a whopping 165!
  5. That looks like a heavy bag! I have been reading and hearing stuff in various places about doctors and physical therapists getting an influx of women with back and neck pain from heavy bags. My grandmother used to carry really heavy bags and wouldn't stop when the drs told her too and she eventually ended up having to have surgery. I know big bags are fashionable, but your bones and muscles aren't something you want to play around with.
    Try switching to another bag and see if the problem gets better after a day or two.
  6. ^I agree... try switching to another bag and see what happens...

    Its not only what you put in it, but also the leather is pretty thick, which is going to add weight, in addition to the hardware...

    When I would use my Mia satchel for work, just going in and out of work with it was great! I could carry everything I needed and load it down with paper, etc.... However, even if it wasn't loaded down, if I went out shopping I noticed I started having upper back and shoulder pain, so I had to start changing bags if I was going from work to shopping, etc.
  7. Hi, so sorry to hear that is happening to you. I desparately tried to carry a legacy bag. tried the shoulder, tried the Ali signature and the satchel. All too heavy and everyone said it was fine for them. I do have upper neck discs and lower ones from an old car accident...but they are supposedly healed unless I wear a heavy leather bag..Even keeping the contents low in weight , the hardware is very heavy. So jealous of girls that can carry the heavier pretty leather bags. One I can wear is the Legacy signature new Cruisewear blue denim that sold out quickly and also the white braided soho satchel that I got at the outlet and the signature totes...I am grateful for that, although I am on a leather kick..I am getting so tired of signature. Hope it works out for you..a beautiful bag,..Rainbow..(Lynn)
  8. my shoulders and back always hurt after i carry them for a good amount of time. regardless of the bag. but for the paSt few months ive been using swingpacks and they are perfect. because it limits how much you carry. and i dont have that much stuff to carry anyways so its perfect.

    its probaly because of the size and the weight of the bag.
  9. good grief...i would KILL to weigh 165!!!
  10. I get sore from my Ali :/ Perhaps I should stop putting so much in it... but that's why I wanted a big'un. lol
  11. i would try switching to a different bag for a week or so and see if anything changes. sorry to hear about your pain.