Back Pain After Push Ups?

  1. I have recently stopped doing push ups. I noticed that whenever I do them, I get horrible back pain especially after I'm finished doing push ups and (I do them at night a lot) the next day. I thought it was just normal to have pains in my back after exercising, so I thought it would go away. But no. It lasts like up to two and a half weeks after I do the push ups. I am wondering if maybe I just don't exercise enough, and I have a weak back? Anything that stops this problem? I'm skinny.....I wouldn't say I'm in shape though but I'm definently trying to exercise, and now I can't do push ups so I need to solve this somehow. Anyone else has this problem, and what do you use to stop it? I don't think it's fair, because finally at a time in my life I am at the point where I want to exercise (push ups especially) and I can't because of the horrible back pain during and a LOT afterwards. It hurts. Someone help? :heart:
  2. I think it might be your form while you're during the push-ups. I suggest asking someone to watch you while you do it so they can correct you--2.5 weeks of pain is pretty bad, if it was just because your back was weak, the pain would be gone in 1-2 days. If the pain persists I'd ask a doc, because I am by no means an expert. I've been doing exercises long enough that I've just learned the tricks of the trade, and to make pain minimal, and the workout still effective!

    Meanwhile, make tylenol your best friend!!!:p
  3. Maybe I should have someone hold my feet while I do push ups?
  4. As in elevate them? Or just so they don't move? If it's the former, you'd get less of a workout for your arms. If the latter, you could just move up against a wall :biggrin:
  5. So they don't move? I'll try doing them against a wall. If it persists, I'll have to consult a doctor about it I guess. I'll have a friend watch me do my push ups I suppose.
  6. I get this too.
    If I have not done them in a while, my neck and back hurt so bad.
    But, I think the muscles are just sore/ overworked
  7. maybe you should have a trainer help yoou and watch your form.
  8. I agree with what the others have said: have someone with a trained eye spot you. I worked with a personal trainer a while back and I was amazed at how INCORRECTLY I was doing things. I used to do a lot of home exercise videos, so no one was really there to spot me. I think working with a skilled person can definitely improve your form and health. Good luck.
  9. I also agree abotu the form. I am skinny as well, however I do push ups all the time and bad form can definitely cause the pains you just described. Some people tend to lean in so that the back is bent which I can totally see it causing back pains. Make sure to keep your head shoulders and your back are in a straight line and continue to keep that form as your body comes closer tot he floor.

    Other than form I have no idea why push ups would cause you such pain! Please let us know if form was the cause of it!
  10. Most def check your form with a professional. You can also try a modified version of the push up. Typically what happens is if you aren't strong enough to do a certain exercise your technique suffers and you will end up doing it wrong resulting in injury. I would say you may want to try a modified version (on your knees instead of toes or flat back) until you are stong enough to do a full push up correctly.

    Have a pro take a look.
  11. Maybe opt for chest press (lying on bench) to work similar muslces for a while. If you're in pain, always stop.

    I notice a few things when people do push ups
    1) Their gut sags to the ground - so back is not straight
    2) They Crunch their shoulders up towards their ears

    try to keep back as straight as possible, tummy sucked in.

    And focus on the part of your back between your shoulder blades rather than shoulders / neck (ie. imaging squeezing a pencil between your shoulder blades while going down)

    I suck at explaining things , but my PT keeps telling me 'DROP YOUR DAMN SHOULDERS' haha when I'm doing push ups or anything :smile:
  12. Also when I started doing push ups, I did 1 a day,

    Day 2 I did 2
    Day 3 I did 3

    Eventually I got up to 60 in 1 set ... Don't try to do 12 at once when you're beginning, Form is #1

    That's when I was boxing though haha
  13. I tried to do some ab workouts (that I've done before with no problem, but not recently) and my abs hurt for 2 weeks. I think I did something incorrectly and hurt myself... that may be what you did.
  14. If you feel pain in your back, I think it is your form as you do the push up from my previous experiences. You are not suppose to arch your back in any way when you are doing a push up.
  15. You may want to do some stretching too, before you start any type of workout. Also, yoga is good for back pain and loosening up your joints.