back on the long to adjust?

  1. Hey all, I'm back on the Pill after a VERY long time. I know it can take a bit to get acclimated but am curious for those who are comfortable posting what your experience was like.

    I'm about halfway through week 3 of pills and Aunt Flow arrived today (which is when my cycle would have started without any pills). It's very light so I'm not worried (and no cramps yay!) but since I still have to finish week 3 and then start the week 4 of blanks. I'm just not looking forward to the idea of having Aunt Flow in town the next 10 days or so, KWIM?

    PS: prior to this, my cycle was pretty much 28-29 days, very regular.

    any thoughts? :flowers:
  2. I don't have any advice for you, but I'm in the same boat as you. I'm 44, and just started back on the pill after probably being off of it for almost 15 years.
  3. I just started this week after being off for 4 years and 2 babies. Very nervous about it myself.
  4. i was off for the last year and a half, and just went back on...i have a new GP and thus am on a new Rx of BC, too... prior, I was on the generic for triphasil, and now i'm on Yaz...which is different hormones and only 4days of blanks instead of the usual 7... i seem to be doing okay, but i had some breakthru bleeding about half way thru...but i've only been on them for the last month...not enough to establish a pattern yet...

    Anyone else on Yaz?
  5. Ugh...I've been back on the pill for a week now and I've got the never-ending period! I also think I'm getting a yeast infection.:push:
  6. Junkenpo- I'm on Yaz and I love it!
  7. ^^ I'm on Junel FE (which means the last week of blanks have a small iron supplement). aunt flow has NOT subsided much since her expected date of 12/16...oh well! I hope this next cycle is much lighter. 10+ days of aunt Flow is not fun.
  8. Hmmm sorry you have the never-ending period :sad: I hate when that happens!

    It usually only happened to me for one cycle, and then the second was fine. But one time I had started a new pill, I had the never-ending period for 3 months!! After those 3 months, my doctor finally decided the hormone dosage was too low and prescribed a different pill. So maybe, if you experience this on your next cycle as well, talk to your doc to see if he feels you might need a different dosage.

    Hope it passes fast for you ladies :yes:
  9. I've heard it usually takes two months for it to settle into a recognizable schedule.
  10. I hear ya! I started on the 15th and still trucking along some:sad:.
  11. thanks for your posts, everyone! I have a dr appointment in early Jan to talk about my bp (bP, not bC, lol), so I will let her know how this first round went.

    Like anything new, I figured it would take a couple cycles to adjust so I'm not super worried. And...things are mellowing out! So much TMI, don't you love it!!
  12. Hey, I'm gonna start on the pill soon and it's Yasmin. Hopefully it will work out for me.
  13. I just started mine 2 weeks ago, first time pill user. Nothing strange yet except I feel a little off which she said would be normal for the 1st 2 months. I'm a bit nervous to see how the first set of blanks go.