Back on the BUS - Reveal Time!


May 30, 2012
Chicago, IL
For REFERENCE, when I was calling around to locate this bag, I learned that Chanel has it in the black/gold, blue/gold (this one), and red/gold. There was also a mention of navy, but I'm not sure if that was ordered stateside.

Nordstrom has it in the black/gold and camel/gold.

I would say that it's the same size as my other WOCs - I don't see any appreciable difference in what it would be able to hold, other than it doesn't have a back pocket.

LASTLY, this is the SAME one that you see on the Chanel website - the one online looks a lot darker, but the codes match, so if you're looking for the one online in real life, LOOK NO FURTHER.

Thanks for stopping by!