back of the bill says

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  1. New factory merchandise will be returned with store credit. Does that mean stuff from an Outlet? Sorry I have never returned anything to an outlet before.
  2. If you try and returned something to FP that was purchased from outlet, they will give you a store credit
  3. I"m going to return it to the outlet I bought it at. I have the bill and tags are still attached.
  4. I returned at the outlet what was bought at the outlet and full refund was given if you go to a boutique with a outlet then I believe its store credit
  5. Annie's right - if you return outlet purchases to any outlet, you get a refund, but if you return it to a boutique, you get Merchandise credit. :biggrin:
  6. you will not have a problem then
  7. ^^ thanks
  8. So store credit means a gift card, correct? Could that be used at the outlet or the FP store? I have a bag I've been trying to return to the outlet for weeks, but it's far away and pretty much every weekend we've had snow.
  9. like a gift card - merchandise credit - good at outlet and/or boutique