back (not better then ever)

  1. back. construction not resolved. project will take much longer, hopefully completed at the end of the month.

    dh is in madrid on a business trip. he went into hermes. saw a dark dark grey kelly, 32, a vert anis kelly 28, and a lilac lizard kelly 25. crazy guy said he'd buy the dark grey because he thought it was so pretty if i wanted a 32. i don't, but i have to say, i SO love that this was his attitude. felt terrific. he needs to be better educated before he can successfully report on inventory. doesn't know leather or retourne v. sellier, etc.
  2. Hi J! Welcome home!!!! He might have seen Graphite! WOW! What a sweetie to go into Hermes and look around for you! You wouldn't catch my DH even on the same STREET as an Hermes boutique!!!!
  3. GRAPHITE!!! thank you, it's been bugging me ever since he called last night, trying to figure out the name of "dark dark grey" lol.
    it was a terrific consolation prize, hearing about his attitude.
    right now i could really really use a consolation prize (dd is having extreme separation anxiety at nursery school - she just started - and i cry every day after i drop her off, after being so super strong for her...)
  4. ps he didn't just look around - he asked what the size were, etc.
    yay him!
  5. Sorry to hear about your construction project. I am sure it will be over before you know it. Are you going to have to leave your apartment again?

    I am also sorry to hear about your daughter's nursery school distress. I know it is hard on both of you, I hope things get better soon. Does she go full day or half? There is a bright side today though, its Friday so you will get two whole days to spend together which will be good.

    What a great husband you have. How sweet of him to look for you and to offer to buy you something too. I have an idea, have him spend a little time in the Reference Library before his next trip. Before you know it he will be an expert too.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your construction project, too!

    But it must be a consolation to know your husband's scouting the globe for more H bags for you. How lovely! I don't know many men who would do that (willingly).
  7. J....if it's any consolation I went through the same thing years ago when DD was also going to Nursery School. I'd disengage her little arms from around my legs, walk out the front door, turn to wave and there she'd be. Plastered against the plate glass windows, tears SQUIRTING everywhere and palms pressed flat against the glass! UGH! I'll never forget it.

    Now she's 16 and I'd be HAPPY to leave her ANYWHERE!!!!!
  8. Welcome back HH-I'm so impressed that your husband came back with inventory descriptions! I am sure that once the construction is done with, you'll be so pleased it's all over. Glad you're back!
  9. i've been through construction and two nursery school separations...i'm sorry because i know how hard it is and doing both at the same time is definitely not fun...hang in there, i promise you'll get through all of it!!! i'm sure you have tons of support but please feel free to pm me if you have any questions or just need a shoulder...
  10. *hugs* That is so sweet of your DH! Hope you and your DD have a great weekend together. I get separation anxiety when I have to leave my dog so I can't even imagine how hard that must be for you two!!! :shame:
  11. I can only imagine a husband that would check things out lol!! You are a lucky gal -- hopefully he got a little something for you! Sorry to hear about dd -- it's hard to feel our kids' pain....I know too well! It will get better eventually...
  12. What a :heart: ing husband!

    Sorry to hear about the delay. I just been through it and survived:sweatdrop: !
  13. Hang in there, Heels!! I hope you have a lovely weekend! My aunt lives in Madrid (across from the Prado) - it's funny to think they could pass each other on the street and never know it!
  14. Sorry to hear about your construction problems but what a sweetheart your husband is.
    In a few weeks, things should be better for you and dd. I went through that with 4 kids, the 4th child being the hardest because he was the baby. I think I cried for a week:crybaby: .
  15. Ditto for me too; 4 kids and the youngest was the hardest for me aswell, being the fact, he's still "the baby" for me, although he's nearly 20!:crybaby: LOL!