Back issue of Bazaar June 2004 located....

  1. Hey, guys....about a week or so ago there was mention (and now I don't remember who or where) of an issue of Harpers Bazaar June 2004 where there was a whole article about Hermes. Of course, Shopmom was hot on it because ANYTHING Hermes will have my full and concentrated attention. So, I did find it through Linda's House of Magazines on-line coming out of Canada and I'm going to go ahead and order one. I'm feeling like this is a little risky given what we've gone through just ordering that little book, Handbags of the Fabulous but I'll give it a shot and let you know what happens. I'm going to order it today and I'll keep you posted....I don't expect to see if for a while soon as it arrives I'll let you know.

    I'm thinking I might just copy it and send it off to whomever wants big can this article be?!?!?!?!:oh:
  2. Oooh - interesting! I'd love a copy! Let us know when you get it!
  3. EXCELLENT!!!!! I would be SO interested in reading this!!!!!!

  4. I think that was the article I mentioned. Its the Bazaar with Beyonce on the cover, right? The article was about four pages long. The first two pages were the discussion about the changes to the Hermes bag styles and how to get a birkin. The second two pages covered the timeline of major Hermes moments and there was a brief description at the bottom of each bag with pictures, vintage prices, and names of famous people who carry the particular bag being discussed.
  5. Nathansgirl.....I'm not sure. I've asked the seller to make sure the article is in that issue before I buy it so I'm waiting to hear back from her....I'll let you know, though.
  6. I'm going to go home and look for that magazine... I probably have it somewhere. If I do, I'll let you all know. I can scan the article and send the pdf out... But that's assuming I can find the magazine!
  7. Wow! Wicked...if you can, let me know and I'll hold off buying it...
  8. Shopmom you are great to think of everyone... are amazing! Keep us posted.
  9. Let me go dig around my magazines when I get home... Still at work. If I don't have the magazine, 99% likely that it's at my parents--my mom gets my old magazines and she saves all of them!

    I don't know how much of a rush you're in to get the article, but if you're willing to wait a few weeks, I'm going home and can look for the magazine if it's not in my personal collection at my place. I'll let you know tonight the status!
  10. Thanks, Wicked! I might go ahead and get it anyway just in case....please don't feel rushed at all, ok?
  11. Oh no problem! I don't feel rushed at all. I'll look for the magazine and keep everyone posted.
  12. Hi could always call Bazaar magazine's 1-800 number and they might have back issues too!! I might try that.
  13. oh thanks Otingocni for the excerpt!
  14. I tried scanning it but it doesn't come out too clear. I will show you what I mean.