Back in the yoga groove!

  1. After a few weeks off for the holidays I am back to practicing 3x a week. I feel so much better!!

    So, if you practice yoga, how often and which kind?

    For me it is 3x a week minimum. Ana Forrest Yoga.
  2. I love yoga. I was taking private lessons once a week back when I was a lady of leisure. I wish I could still take them, but my schedule is awful.

    I'm not exactly sure what type it was, but it sure did help with my flexibility, balance, and a little weight loss help.
  3. Oh I miss yoga! I used to do power yoga (intense ashtanga in a heated room) 2x a week but stopped doing it two years ago when it got too expensive and my favorite teacher stopped teaching in my area. I absolutely loved yoga - I really wish I could find a good class again.
  4. I like Hatha Yoga. It is so relaxing and stretching to my tired old back.
  5. I've never done Yoga but would so LOVE to. That or Pilates. When both my kids get on a regular school routine, that's one thing I'm going to routinely start doing!
  6. I remember when both of my kids were finally in school - it was so refreshing to have some time to yourself. Even if it were just to go to the bathroom!! Enjoy your freedom and find a good yoga studio. One of the things I like about mine is that the instructor walks around pushing and pulling you into the correct positions/alignment. Makes all the difference in the world. I hate taking a class when the instructor is just doing the class along with you - it's like paying to watch them practice.

    You should see if you can find somebody who teaches on the beach LOL!!!
  7. I've been using a DVD called "Yoga for Every Body" - it goes beginner, intermediate, advanced. I love it - but I'm still new to yoga, have no idea what kind it is.
  8. Ok, so my previous post made me realize what a slacker I've been for the past two years...basically my only exercise has been walking from my car to my desk and the occasional power walk around the mall for purse shopping:shame:.

    All this talk of yoga made me want to go, I found a class in my area that I'm going to try...class starts tomorrow:wlae: I'm going to start with the intermediate class since I'm so out of shape and hopefully I can start doing the advanced class in a month or two.
  9. Glad we could help - have fun! Sometimes it's a drag to get to class but afterwards I always feel so much better when I walk out.
  10. ^^ Ok, I have to confess I didn't go to yoga this week:shame: . I came down with a head cold, so I decided not to go. I'm still hoping to get back in the yoga groove next week though....
  11. Wise choice to stay home. Nothing is worse than hanging upside down in a forward bend with a stuffy nose!!

    Hope you get well soon!!

    I went to class yesterday and felt great all day.
  12. Kundalini yoga is amazing. I like that you meditate and practice cleansing breath while you do the poses. It is more spiritually based so you feel stress free when you're done, but after a month your body has completely transformed. I can see muscles I didn't know I had! I use a DVD almost every day. :p
  13. I'm back to doing yoga too. I had stopped but restarted. I really feel like I have done a workout when I finish.
  14. I teach yoga. This quote is pretty disturbing.:wtf: hope you didn't mean it the way that it sounds. According to Yoga Journal, the most Yoga injuries happen during classes when the INSTRUCTOR touches the students and tries to "correct" them or get their students to go deeper into the asanas.:sad:

    I never touch my students but speak pretty much the entire time and will address issues as I see them. I constantly tell my students to modify poses or take breaks if they have to. I would be mortified if anyone got injured in my class because I tried to "help" or even "correct" them into a different postition. Some have injuries and cannot "move a certain way.

    A good instructor needs to be aware of limitations and be mindful of their students' capabilities.:yes: