back in the loving arms of LV

  1. I have been a loyal fan of LV for many years. I have collected many of their bags, but I must admit I have not been a fan of the last few seasons. I have had a couple of quallity issues with my last few purchases and I had decided to walk way from the brand for a while. I have not stayed abreast on the new styles or what is coming out this season or next.

    Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when my lovely SA from LV called and said that she had a very special bag in that she knew I would love. She said that the minute they unpacked it, she grabbed it and held it in my name. I spoke with my DH and we decided to make a trip to the boutique today. I really did not even think about the bag the SA was holding. I had no idea what it was or anything. When we arrived at the store she was so excited to show me the bag. OMG I LOVED IT. She was so right. It was right up my "style" ally. She told me the name was the Ursula. It is the perfect bag. It can be carried as a tote or over your shoulder. I had no idea that this bag was even coming out. Needless to say. My faith has been restored thanks to this lovely bag and one hell of a great SA. Here are my pics

    IMG_3183.jpg IMG_3194.jpg
  2. Looks great on you. Congrats.
  3. OMG, so cutE!!!!!
  4. nice! congrats on your new bag PRE RELEASE bag!!
  5. OMG! it is AWESOME! reminds me of the Polly! so HOT! I hated it in the look book! but this bag is AMAZING! your lucky!
  6. this is sooooooo gorgeous!! amazing!!!
  7. WOW gorgeous bag congrats :drool: and what a nice SA you have...
  8. This bag looks phenomenal on you! Very pretty. I'm not ususally a MC fan, but this is an adorable bag.
  9. Congrats! it's so pretty!!!
  10. Oh my. That's HOT:drool:
  11. omg! that is gorgeous! congrats congrats congrats!
  12. I looks amazing on you! :drool: That's so sweet of your SA to immediately grab it for you! Congrats!!!
  13. wow. that is AMAZING!!!! you're lucky that your SA takes good care of you.
  14. Lovely bag, congrats! I love my black MC Speedy, matches everything!
  15. What a gorgeous bag.:drool: