Back in the day Patricia's Legacy bag needs help!

  1. Hi everyone and TIA for any advice...Well, I have had this bag for many years and haven't carried her in forever...I took her out today and fell in love with her all over again but...the strap is tooooo long. I like a strap with no more than an 8 inch drop and this is about 30! I was thinking about having a shoe repair person cut the strap and shorten it...bad idea or does it sound like a plan?
  2. I can't tell from your photo, but some of these straps can be completely removed? some have the dog leash swivel clip on one end? can you double the strap through the brass o-ring and clip it to the other side?

    Unless it really doesn't matter to you, before permanately altering the strap, first call coach and see if they have replacement straps, give them the number on the patch and the color. That way you can always have the original strap for the bag and have one for altering. Or look on eBay for replacement straps that match Coach bags.
  3. ^^^The strap is completely removable, it buckles at both ends.

    The replacement strap is an excellent idea! Who knows, maybe one day I'll want a really long strap. Thanks!!!
  4. COACH Replacement Straps

    Have you tried doubling the strap, looping it at one end of the buckle, and buckling both ends on one side like entheos mentioned? You can double the strap even if has buckles on both sides. :yes:
  5. ^^^Both ends of the strap consist only of holes and both ends of the bag have the buckles attached to the actual bag. The only way to attach a strap at either end is to insert the buckle thru the holes in the strap.
  6. I just got off the phone with Coach CS. They make another strap for this bag which is half the length of the original strap and I just ordered it. I should have it next week and then I can carry her again!
  7. Can I ask how much that cost?
  8. Sure, it was $30.
  9. Can you please take a different photo.
  10. Can you tell me what the serial number is for the legacy you are asking about? Does it end in 9332 by any chance?
  11. That's awsome, see it pays to call Coach before making any bag altering decisions.
  12. I have a legacy bag (#9058) and I just shorted the straps the way it was suggested above and it works great! The strap wasnt a long one to begin with but now with it half the length, I cant wait to take her out again!! I forget how gorgeous the leather is on these bags!