Back In School

  1. [COLOR=#99000]School started Monday and I'm still pretty excited. I'm only taking a couple of classes this semester because I sort of waited until the next to last minute to do this.[/COLOR]
    Needless to say, the biology classes I need were filled. Oh well, that gives me the opportunity to take the chemistry classes. A couple of more prerequisites and on to the nursing program! Total change from retail, but something I really want to do. For what I have to put up with in my grocery store job, I don't make nearly enough money.
    Oh, I'll still be doing the clothing and purses, but I'm not busy enough or making enough money to completely support myself with my business. One day I will.
    I'll still be around in between work, school and snatches of sleep. And, yes I will be posting pictures of my pets and work when possible!
  2. Congrats on starting school again!

    I know how tough it can be to get into into Bio courses. I was a Bio major when I still lived in the US and I was lucky that I started college with a few credits that I had earned when I went to CC during my senior year of HS...At my university, we registered on a credit basis...Whoever had more credits got to register for classes first.

    haha, I remember sitting there watching the "seats available" total for one of my Bio classes dwindle down before I got to register. Luckily I was able to get in with 3 seats left :wtf:
  3. Kate, thanks for your update. Good luck to you in school. Look forward to seeing more pics of your wonderful staff!
  4. Thanks, Passerby!
    In a few days, I should have the custom ordered tote I'm working on finished and post pictures of it. The lady this bag belongs to loves having her "designer collection" proudly displayed on my website and anywhere else on the internet. Actually, all of my clients like having their bags shown off or, at least, they agree to it.
    The staff as always determine when and if they will be photographed. Right now, Phoebe is laying on her purse and my homework. I got it done before she noticed I was working on something.
    Well, break is over....