Back in love with the City! **Pics!!**

  1. Ok ladies, I recently fell back in love with the City style all over again and was able to get a gorgeous Rouge Vif City thanks to a wonderful friend!:tender: Here she is- I have been wearing her every day since I got her!:yahoo: I really love my Rouge Vif City so much!
    Hope you enjoy the pics!:yes:

    I will take an updated collection pic as soon as my Turquoise Work is back from LMB next week! :tup:
  2. very nice collection! i love my rouge vif city too.:heart: btw, what happened to your rouge vif purse?
  3. ^^Thanks so much, Odd!:yes::heart: I traded my RV Purse for this RV City:tender:

    My current collection includes:

    '05 BubbleGum Pink City
    '05 Turquoise Work
    '05 Black First
    '05 Apple Green Coin Purse
    '06 Rouge Vif City
    '06 Cornflower Shoulder
    '06 Black City
    '06 Rouge Vif Money
  4. Wow, Marie, that is gorgeous! It looks perfect on you and your whole outfit is tres chic. Enjoy!
  5. Beautiful MarieG! Rouge VIF Rocks!!! That color has the most fantastic leather too! :heart::heart: It looks great on you, although, I think RAGS would look great on you! Congrats!!! :tup:
  6. Thank you so much for your kind comments,Dukechickie and sweet Purse-Ooooh!:yes::love:
  7. Congrats Marie! The leather on your Rouge VIF looks gorgeous and definitely TDF! I've always love red!!! So poppy & loud!!! U look absolutely fabulous in the pic!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Gorgeous MarieG! The leather looks so thick and yummy!
  10. the city is definitely one of the best styles! a classic in such a beautiful color! congrats Marie!
  11. Thank you for you sweet comments, Nada,LV&Lexus07, Pablohoney and Addicted Ali!:yes::heart:
  12. I know what you mean, I am falling back in love with the city style too. I was straying from it, but it really is a such a great and verstile size.
    Yours is beautiful! Rouge VIF is the best. Can't wait to see your turquoise when it gets back.
  13. Love it...........the bag looks gorgeous on you!!

    Congrats Girlie!!
  14. I love the City too and am waiting for my Rouge (Theatre whenever she appears)......Congratulations and enjoy her!!:tup:
  15. congrats, sooooo pretty on you!! :biggrin: