Back in Love with LV

  1. I went today to pick up my salina MM today at nm. I have to be honest, I am back in love with my first love. I have been over in the Chanel department way too long. LV has some of the cutest and different bags I have ever seen lately!! I have been buying some LV bags lately, but only the "special ones" and I noticed today just how cute they all are! I saw the new Violette vernis and it is TDF. I am going back for more!!
    BTW-my chanel bag had a fit today when we were in LV-my chanel charm snapped in half!! That would never happen to a LV. This I know.
  2. I strayed away for LV too!
    Got caught up in a little - okay alot of Chanel craze :smile:
    and the violette has brought me back!
    Love the color and after coming back from Chanel - love the price too :smile:
  3. I stray every now and then too ... but my true love is LV, always and forever! (Geez, sounds like a teenager struck by puppy love) LOL! But I agree, LV does have a great variety for everyone!
  4. Every time I try to pulls me right back in! LOL!!
  5. Congrats and welcome back to the best brand, lol !!
  6. Welcome back, Chanel has some sparklers I know, but LV has staying power and keeps mesmerizing me. I haven't even walked into Chanel in months!
  7. I only have three LV handbags and there are so many more I'd love to get I can't imagine me straying ... ever! Welcome back!
  8. im in love with a man. and his name is LOUIS VUITTON.
  9. Welcome back to LVOE.
  10. Welcome back! I'm glad you've found some stuff that catches your eye! I see one or two things I'd like from Chanel, but I can wait for those - It's the LV I need NOW!!! :smile:
  11. Welcome back! I've strayed for I while, I think I like sleeping around! ;)
  12. LVs just work and feel right.....and the many styles are just too alluring....

    We all come back
  13. I strayed off for about 3 months and am now getting pulled back at full force. All I can think about now is what I can add to my collection next! :p
  14. i just started and LOVE LV so muhc....the onyl other brand that distract me is PRADA...:p
  15. I fell off the LV wagon myself.Yesterday I pulled out my Neverfull & was so excited to see it again, so I know I never stopped loving LV, just took a break!