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  1. I thougt I will show you some new items from the last weeks. Let's start with two goodies right off

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  2. cute :smile:
  3. Straight to the point, very nice ;)

    Cute heart and classic belt, well done!

    I suspect there's more? :biggrin:
  4. Thanks bmb !

    The next one I will let you guess

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  5. I'm guessing a bag?
  6. Thanks Thea, they are both very usable.

    This will help

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  7. :yes:
  8. Oooo my first live reveal! Alexa strap?
  9. :nogood:

  10. Anyone else for a guess ?
  11. Actually, that box is a bit small for an alexa. I phone carrier?
  12. I'm here :popcorn:(taking a 5 min break from revision, so will pop back), but I'm really terrible at guessing....
  13. Mitzy?
  14. Oooh just in time!
  15. Mabel? Elgin?