Back home with goodies from Paris

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  1. I just got back from my holiday in London & Paris.:supacool: I was expecting lots of goodies to check out this trip, but sadly, (and I really mean this) most Chanel shops I visited on this trip were rather disappointing. I was quite surprised of how stocks were very limited... I walked out of Chanels in Paris murmuring how Wynn in Las Vegas had more varieties!

    However, I didn't come home empty handed.:nogood: I picked up some goodies here and there. I was still a wee bit disappointed to not to get something extra trendy or new, but what the heck. I'm pretty much satisfied with my purchases, especially with a bit of saving with the tax refund.;)

    Can anybody guess what they are?:graucho:
  2. :nuts: sunnies? custom jewls? :nuts:
  3. :popcorn: show us the goodies!!
  4. Sorry. Had to take a phone call...:sweatdrop:
    Here's the first item.
    pc04.jpg pc03.jpg
  5. more more more more
  6. ^ LOL yes! still waiting... zz
  7. Yikes! I'm having a difficulty uploading!!! :crybaby:
  8. try photobucket and upload them here? we're still waiting!! ;)
  9. love the sunnies cannot wait to see the rest
  10. Second and third pairs of camellia sunnies! What can I say? I adore these and these were only €220 per pair in Paris. And that's before tax refund.:nuts:

    More to come (only if my computer doesn't fail me again) in two minutes! And they are not sunnies.:graucho:
    pc10.jpg pc11.jpg
  11. ^ holy cow, that's a real steal! everything in Paris seems to be so much cheaper! i hope i'll have a great haul when i'm there!!
  12. I kind of had to think long before getting these as they are quite pricey even though they are fake pearls... But WTH. They were still cheaper in Paris than here in NY, at €515~:supacool:
  13. very cute!! congrats
  14. Arrrrghhhhh~! My computer's failing me again!!:wtf: And I really gotta show you my biggest purchase of the trip!! :crybaby:Let me try something for a minute.
  15. Love those camelias!! And the pearls!!!!!!!!!!