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  1. I’ve always been a Gucci fan. At one point, I owned a small variety of Gucci bags accessories. Over the past few years, however, I’ve done my own version of Marie Kondo’g. My Gucci items didn’t make the cut and sold all of them except one pair of 18k yg hoop earrings. :whut:

    But, I still love a lot about Gucci and wanted some items from the brand back in my closet. Well, Mr. Sparkle and I are on vacation in Maui and he treated me to some truly lovely items: 64509BFD-42F4-4860-AAB6-F235A4636E4B.jpeg
    Can you guess what I got?:yahoo:

    First up is my new sunnies! They are super adorable. The beige reads salmon pink and will match tons in my closet. 90E13211-88C2-421B-9F30-360F9B918C29.jpeg
    Next up, SHOES! 0CF1BF3F-DB8B-4FEC-9077-9D45AF2EB5B0.jpeg EEFA9952-D6A3-4E83-B504-71AA2DE49432.jpeg So, super cute and comfy. Love the crystal double G’s!

    Last but, not least, my Navy Baby!!! BD977D39-DE79-42BE-9B67-9C145129E702.jpeg DAAE4644-CA9A-4ACA-BB2C-B7C3D3E419A4.jpeg This is a beautiful true navy - not the cobalt the iPhone is showing. Lol! Again, the crystals are TDF. This is the mini but, it has a ton of room. Love!! :loveeyes:

    Thanks for celebrating with me!
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  2. All of these items are so Sparkletastic!

    Welcome home dearest Sparkle :hugs:
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  3. Fab glasses!!! :yahoo:
    congrats and enjoy your new goodies!!! :drinks:
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  4. Welcome back! Fantastic items!
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  5. Gorgeous!!!
    Enjoy everything and welcome back to Gucci!
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  6. Beautiful items, especially that blue Dionysus!
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  7. Thanks everyone !!! :amuse:
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  8. Great purchases!
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  9. Fabulous picks, love them!
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  10. Amazing Welcome back!
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  11. Thank you!
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