back from Wrentham outlet

  1. I drive said they didn't get them yet?! May call again and see if I get a different SA
  2. Anyone go and take advantage of the tax free weekend?
  3. I wasn't there for tax free weekend, I suspect it was crazy! I happened to be there late last week and was thinking it would have been nice to save on taxes, but I didn't want to deal with the crowds. I got a navy audrey tote, which I've carried all weekend and really love! I also saw: blue python Lindsay, small black Audrey tote, large fabric Sophia, some gold and silver Poppy Glam totes, and the pushlock bags and wristlets. Definitely ask them if there is anything specific you are looking for! The SAs were really nice and looked in the back for me, which is how I ended up with the audrey (there weren't any out).
  4. Since Merrimack NH opened I have no plans to go there anymore. Merrimack is closer and it's tax free all the time, not to mention half the distance for me.
  5. Anyone been lately?
  6. I went to Wrentham yesterday. Lots of new MFF fall bags out. Lots of dark brown, burnt orange type colors. Saw some MFF bags that resemble FP ones. One that looks like Maggie, one similar to Hailey, etc.

    Deletes - not too many. Kristin woven hobos - dark brown, I believe blue and a raspberry type color. (sorry! don't know the names) Saw a few pink patent hobos too. Some black signature sophia - smaller ones. Asked my favorite SA to check out back - they didn't receive the shipment of deletes yet. Store had lots of inventory, just not what I was looking for! Let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to remember! :smile:
  7. Does anyone know if they have the acorn or aegean lindseys here? I just called but was put on hold for about 5 mins so hung up and tried to call again but no answer :wtf:

  8. Any Audrey totes in ivory? I suppose I can call.....
  9. Let me know how you make out, I am looking for an Aegean Lindsey too
  10. Hi! I did not see any Audrey totes. I already have one, so I didn't ask. May be worth a try!
  11. I called about the acorn Lindsey and they said they didn't have any of those :sad:
  12. Thank you for the update. Darn :crybaby: Did they say if they would get any in? Also, any aegean?
  13. Did you have them look by style #? Sometimes Wrentham is screwy...when Laila's hit they swore they had never even heard of Laila and wanted to know if I was sure it was a Coach bag lol
  14. I hope they get some in because I didn't have such a good experience with getting them to do a charge send a month back when I got the mama sage. They eventually did but gave me such a hard time. I even called ahead of time to check if they would do it and was told by an SA that they do and for me to go in. When I got there, an SA went to get a manager (i believe she was) and she gave me this attitude and was asking me who told me they would do it? name of employee? She also asked for name of the SA of the other outlet who put the bag on hold for me, then called to confirm and finally after about 10 mins- she started to fill out the form but after writing down my name she rolled her eyes and told an SA to fill it out and walked away :tdown:

    Overall it was a very unpleasant experience.
  15. Yes, they looked it up by the style # and commented that it was a Madison bag and that they didn't have any at all, but they had them a while ago. I do remember back in aug they had a bunch of Lindsey's. I'll update here if I have time to call again tonight. I really want an acorn Lindsey!