back from wedding with a little something! (pics)

  1. so after our wedding on Saturday, DH (i can finally call him that! :love:) and I relaxed for a few days...and on Monday we went to Saks at North Star Mall and paid a visit to LV, and I got...... a Vernis Ludlow in Pomme d'Amour!!! :yahoo: once we got back to LA i had a chance to take a few pics. but the pictures don't do it justice... sorry, I'm no photographer!

    I really like the pomme color..although I dont' have a purse in pomme, I didn't want to get amarante because the fingerprints would bug me waaay too much. so i guess this means that now i need to get a purse to match my wallet (hmm, maybe roxbury? :idea:). heh, aren't i greedy....

    btw, our wedding was really great...everything went really well and it was sooo much fun! the couple of days leading up to the wedding were really stressful (we were up till 3am two nights in a row finishing up programs, making favors, setting up for reception, etc) but once the day arrived things got a lot calmer. at the reception we were able to finally relax and enjoy the company of so many friends & family members who we hadn't seen in ages. it was a blast!! :tup:
    IMG_5572sm.jpg IMG_5573sm.jpg
  2. Congratulations on becoming a newly wed!!! AND congratulations on your gorgeous purchase, I love it!:drool:
  3. congrats on getting married and getting that beautiful ludlow!
  4. Congrats on both the wedding and the purchase, the wallet is gorgeous!
  5. ^^ ditto! hehe .. yay! for the wedding && the fabulous purchase! :biggrin:
  6. Congrats on your wedding and on that beautiful wallet.
  7. Congrats on the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your wallet is gorgeous!
  8. Congrats to your new wallet & your wedding, ur ludlow is divine... and i saw your Rosewood in your avatar, nice bag as well.. just wondering do you use it often? Coz i have 1 in Pomme and its been in the dustbag most of the time :p
  9. Congrats on the wedding and the fabulous pomme, my fav vernis colour so far :smile:
  10. Congrats on being a newlywed and this beautiful purchase!
  11. congrats ! love the pomme color !
  12. Very Nice.. But i'd be so afraid of using it for fear of scratching it.. Show us pics of ur wedding.. Hee...
  13. ^ don't worry about scratches they are very resilliant

    OP Double congrats!!!!
  14. congrats on the wedding!! and with the beautiful ludlow! :flowers:
  15. ^^ITA!! The Ludlow is my favourite...and it looks so yummy in Pomme!! Great choice.