*BACK* From W:O:A with 4 new bags...

  1. :death: Pingo, I´m back W:O:A ~ Wacken open air!! :death:

    That was the coolest event I have ever participated in and I’m so going next year and so many cool bands that you guys will never believe it.

    Scorpions, Opeth, Canivore, In extremo, Children of bodem, Kopiklaani, Battlelore, Arch enemy, Finntroll, Fear factory, Whitesnake, Motörhead and many more...

    I bought so many cool things, and I have some pics of some of my purchases.
    Some stuff I got from buying the Christmas offer and the handbag I did not get from Wacken. I bought that one before I left.
    1: One new black school-bag
    2: One shoulder bag with white skulls
    3: One shoulder bag and all the badges I bought separately
    4: One handbag I bought before I left
    5: I use to be schizophrenic, but we are ok now top
    6: God is busy, can I help you? top
    7: Wacken t-shirt I got for free
    8: One Metallica
    9: Free DVD and CD
    10: My ticket and one sticker
    11: Two sharfs. One with skulls and one with Wiccan pentagrams on
    12: Two new black sunglasses

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG

    5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG 8.JPG

    9.JPG 10.JPG

    Enjoy, evne thou it´s not what you guys normally post about.. :yes:
  2. OOOOH congrats on the purchases. My favs are the skulls and the houndstooth clutch.
  3. Cool! Another metalhead on the forums! I have always wanted to go to a large scale festival like Wacken. Arch Enemy rules!!!! :yahoo:
  4. Agreed on the houndstooth, glad to hear you had fun!!
  5. Thanks all... :smile:

    ArmCandyLuvr: metalhead all my life *Heavy Metal sign* That festival was so cool. I can´t even discribe it... :smile:

  6. I'm glad you had a blast!!!
  7. WOW!!! congrats :P you seem to have a GREAT time there. i missed going to concert :P
  8. Thanks...Jah, that was so cool.. :smile:
    Usually I don´t have that kind of enviroment here. Metalheads all over the place and people with over ten piercings in there faces, but they are on Wacken...That is good, my lovely enviroment...That does not happen many other places at the same time that so many people with the same interest (Heavy Metal) are in the same place on a "normal" base... :smile:

  9. You got some lovely stuff - think the dog tooth bag is really cute :smile:
  10. Glad you had a good time... the concert sounded like a blast.... Looks like you picked up some pretty cool stuff.
  11. wow! congrats ronja! i'm loving the houndstooth clutch too!
  12. congrats, love the sunnies!
  13. Thanks all.. :smile: