Back from Vegas!

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  1. I just got back from my first trip to Las Vegas. It was great. The weather and food were fabulous and the shopping was incredible.

    I saw this bag and couldn't resist.
    Dhalia Ferragamo 1.jpg Dhalia Ferragamo 2.jpg
  2. I'm a purple freak so I had to have this bag. Ferragamo is one of my favourites. It is lambskin and very soft. It was the last one in the boutique.

  3. I love Las Vegas!!!! Gorgeous bag!!! Congrats!
  4. I love Vegas!

    Great bag!!!!
  5. wow that color is to die for!!!
  6. Very pretty I love the design.
  7. Definitely stands out in the crowd. Good choice!
  8. I love it. Those purple bags always jump out at me when I'm walking by Ferragamo.
  9. That is a gorgeous bag.:drool:
  10. Love it!!! (And I love Vegas too!!)
  11. Purple power!!! I love the color (I'm a big purple fan too)!
  12. That reminds me of those first couple of "What Happens in Vegas..." commercials - when she comes back from the trip with her girlfriends and she is using shopping as her alibi and she shows him those ferragamo shoes.
  13. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous purple bag!!!
  14. Everyone:

  15. I really like this purple! What a beautiful bag! Plus, it is Ferragamo! :drool: