Back from Vegas

  1. Hi everyone, just got back from Vegas. I tried on all the vernis bags i thought i wanted and didnt really think any of them were right for me. that was at ceasars, which is the worst store for service in my experience so i left. today we went to the LV at the Wynn and it was great! I tried on the BH and BV, the petite noe, the cabo the big one and small one and i trying decide between the BV and the speedy 35 but DH was saying why am i getting another speedy when i dont have a good shoulder bag and i didnt LOVE the BV and the SA asked if i wanted to see the neverfull, i told her not really i didnt like the looks of them but i gave it shot anyways and.......i LOVED it!! i got the medium sized one and the trunks and bags pochette.:yahoo:

    She let me see the look book but not very well, i am really looking forward to the mirage speedy though! They had the new denim bag that just came out in both colors. they are sold of the miroir bags and the nimbus and stratus bags.

    Thanks for everyones help on Friday!:tup:
  2. Congrats on your new goodies!
    I'm surprised that the Caeser's service was lacking. :sad:
  3. Sounds like a great visit! Congrats on the neverfull and pochette!
  4. Congrats on your new bag. I have one and love it. That store at the wynn is so woderful I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.
  5. Congrats on your new goodies! :smile:
  6. Congrats! I didn't notice the serivce in Caesar's being too bad but their selection wasn't great when I was there.
  7. Sorry to hear about your service at Caesar's. Congrats on your purchases at Wynn!
  8. I'm glad the Wynn brought you some excellent Las Vegas luck in the shopping department! Congrats!
  9. I live in Vegas and prefer Fashion Show over them all. I'm glad you got good service at Wynn....I usually go there last over them all. Congrats on your new bag!!
  10. I live in Reno (a LONG drive from Vegas) but I fly to Vegas monthly for shopping trips. I prefer the Fashion Show LV too...I've found that the some of the other shops are quite snobby, and don't really give you personal attention. And yes, congrats on the bag!
  11. Congrats!!! Love that bag!!!
  12. Congrats on your new bag.
  13. congrats.
  14. Glad to hear that you got a great bag and pouchette. Sorry to hear about Caesars service- that was the store I like the best.
  15. i was just looking at all the posts and isnt it funny how we all can have different experiences on different days? Thats the thing I do love about Vegas, if you dont feel right in one store, go to the next!

    THanks everyone, i am using the neverfull for the first time today and i love it!