Back from Vegas with LV and pics!

  1. Great time in Vegas, i went to the LV in The Fashion Show mall i bought the hair cubes there and the one inside Saks in the same mall. The SA at the Saks was very very nice and i bought my first ever pochette with extender from her! I just love it. But now i have too much Azur so no more for me. Also went to the LV in Caesars where i bought the monogram cles, i realized i would need a cles after i used my pochette for the first time!

    the mini acc pouch and bandeau came from eluxury last week but i didnt have time to post the pictures. with the azur speedy i feel like i have more than enough azur.

    ok all the stores i went to had lots of Dentelle and they had all the new multicolor items and the hampsteads. i couldnt believe how huge they were.

    Of all the SA's the only one who seemed really helpful and caring was the one in Saks. Since i dont live close to a LV this was great for me!

  2. Wow.. that's alot of stuff. So happy for you! :yahoo:
  3. wow! great stuff! glad you had fun!
  4. Wow! Great purchases - congrats!
  5. Great stuff! Thank you for not teasing us with loads of bag and box pics (a habit I need to break!) :rolleyes:
  6. lol i thought about it but then i was like, wow that will be a lot of work...;)
  7. Congrats on your new stuff and visiting different LV stores. Did you get to go to the one at the Wynn?
  8. I didnt make it to the one at the Wynn this time but have been there before and it is very nice. :yes:
  9. also thank you everyone for your comments! i couldnt wait to get home and share all the pictures.
  10. those are some beautiful goodies!! I just got a mono cles too..its my fave! Have fun with all your new LV!!
  11. congrats and enjoy your goodies! :smile:
  12. Great purchases! Sounds like you had a good time, and definitely made the LV rounds! Congrats!!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. agh! great haul! love your kittie too :smile:
  15. That's some nice stuff. Congrats!