Back from Vegas w/1st LV! Now what?

  1. Hi everyone,
    I fell in love with Louis Vuitton while at the Forum Shops in Caesar's Palace (made my SO go back 3x)!
    On the last day there, we agreed that I can purchase the Speedy 30 because it is timeless :love:
    Now it is stting in my room & I am scared to use her....her handles are so white/tan & flawless that I don't want to ruin that! Does anyone here ever have that fear?
    What should I do for piece of mind?
    I have all of those Apple Guard products (unused)...should I try that? If so, what is your recommendation/experience?

    Heeelllppp! I love her too much to hurt her! :sweatdrop:
  2. Check out the LV FAQ's section. There's lots of tips on treating your bag. Throw some appleguard on it and enjoy your new bag!!!! Congrats and welcome to the club!!
  3. congrats.. show us pics...:tup::heart:
  4. Aww! Me too. well not with my 1st LV - Azur speedy but when I notice the changes....I got worried & stop using it. The vachetta - patina are lv trademark...You just gotta get used to it. YOu'll love it over time...I hadn't yet...but I will.
  5. congrats! beware of water marks... there are a lot of products for protecting purpose
  6. just use it! you'll be scared at first, but the more you use it, the more beautiful it will become! just take her out and don't look back!
  7. My sentiments exactly! :tup:
  8. you sound just like me. soon enough the temptation to use her will set in. the speedy is an extraordinary piece, so congratulations on bringing home the perfect vegas souvenir.
  9. You bought her, so use her without hesitation! You will LOVE that fact that it is actually such a "throwaway" bag, meaning it is really versatile, durable, and takes pretty much 0 maintenance! You'll soon learn this as you use it! I prefer mine all natural!
  10. Congratulations! What a great remembrance from your trip. Use it and enjoy.
  11. You will love it more once you use it. I cleaned my papillon handle with normal white eraser and it worked.
  12. Oh boy! Now you're hooked!

    Good luck stopping at one...:p
  13. Congrats!
    Just take her out and enjoy! She will pretty much take care of herself; vachetta is really not as fragile and it seems.
  14. Enjoy her! I was the same way with my Speedy at first but the more I've used her the better she looks patina and all. :tup:
  15. I was the exact same way with my first LV.. the only way to enjoy a bag is to carry it though, so you might as well take her out for a spin ! :graucho: