back from vegas & the oc

  1. hi everyone, i'm back from a week-long trip to vegas and the oc, and man, i must say that all of you on the west coast sure are lucky with the beautiful weather! came back to boston to single-digit temps and high winds :sad:

    a few highlights from the trip (sorry i didn't have time to blur out my face or anything):

    we saw ka at the mgm - great show, but o is still my fav


    walking down the strip - my birkin, me, and my bf


    at the wynn


    @ roy's in newport beach


    all in all, a great week. i did get to check out the hermes in bellagio - what a wonderful store! i was there for about an hour with a japanese SA (i don't know why but i just never got her name!), who helped me pick out an 85cm reversible H belt (black/bj silver buckle) for my lower-slung pants, and the purple hippo bookmark (so cute). i was looking for some small accessories in rose shocking but they didn't have anything i wanted (probably a good thing!) i also picked up some sparklies from chanel too. :love:

    so by the time i got to the oc and scp, i was all burnt out from all the stores in vegas! never thought i'd say that, but it was true. i stopped by the hermes store at scp and it has an amazing china/home display. got a compliment on my bag from one of the male SA's working there too :p

    no pictures of the belt or bookmark but just wanted to share!
  2. You and your bf look fabulous together. What fun Vegas must have been! Your birkin looks fabulous. Post pictures of your H purchases.
  3. Good to see you back MsBean. Thanks for sharing the photos. I love how the birkin looks on you. That Chanel necklace is on my wish list.
  4. how fun!! love ur birkin!! love ur chanel necklace too!! i hit the same shops when i'm in vegas as well!! ur such a cute couple! DH and i will be in OC next weekend and vegas the following weekend after that!!! can't wait, especially now that i've seen ur fabulous pics!!!

    btw: did u enjoy KA? i've seen all the CDS shows, and KA is by far my fave!!!
  5. thanks for the and your BF make a beautiful your bag on you!!!
  6. msbean - great pictures! you and BF look lovely!

    and the chartreuse birkin is fabulous!
  7. I love the pic of you with the coral behind you. You look great...I mean really great!
  8. Thanks for sharing about your trip to Vegas and the OC! You and your BF look lovely and especially with your beautful Birkin! *jealous*
  9. MsBean...awesome pics! You and your BF look like a lovely couple! Love the birkin too.
  10. Msbean thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and the fabulous trip w/ us! You are gorgeous! So is ms birkin!!
  11. Sus - thank you! i'll try to take some pictures of the belt and hippo tonight!

    M_butterfly - thank you! i walked into the chanel store and saw that necklace and was like MUST HAVE! they had just unwrapped that necklace an hour earlier and it was the only one in the store :smile:

    pbc - love your new orange too :love: it's funny - i wonder how high the correlation btwn lovers of hermes AND chanel are lol oo - looking fwd to your oc and vegas pics, you always have such nice pics! oh, and i loved ka - but o is still my fav! i still have to see mystere and the new beatles show too.

    chaneljewel - thank you very much :smile:

    pazt - thanks babe - my bf i'm sure doesn't know his face is plastered on this forum now ;)

    kellybag - aww thank you! the coral pic is at the restaurant roy's - really great hawaiian fusion food!

    oreganfanlisa - oo! i just realized i didn't get a chance to visit your SA at scp! i was seriously burned out from shopping (never thought that could happen!) so i kinda just skimmed through scp. thanks!!

    ms.fashionista - thank you! is that darling yorkie in your avatar yours?! i have a maltese - must make her my avatar!

    fesdu - thank you much - i'm happy to share with you girls anytime!

  12. ditto ditto! DITTO! :yahoo:
  13. Thanks so much for sharing. Your Birkin is such a happy color! Your BF is super cute and your pearls are gorgeous! Looks like a really fun time!
  14. Beautiful Beautiful pictures of you and BF !!!
    Glad you had a great time there !
  15. You guys are beautiful!!! Lovely bag!