Back from's the Chanel haul

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  1. ok i am drooling here...
  2. I love all your 'trophies'. Makes me wanna fly to vegas immediately. Enjoy them well.
  3. Love the flap bag! great accesories too. Congrats.
  4. What amazing picks! Enjoy them all...
  5. Your bag is simply stunning. White looks so much better in caviar than lamb skin.
  6. The white caviar flap is TDF!!! :heart: :drool: Congrats!!
  7. oooh i am so jealous! that bag is stunning. i have both pairs of earrings that you got and they are so much fun- you will love them. i also like your message bangles. i have one of the other ones and i love it. enjoy your new chanels!
  8. Finally, a chain I like as much if not better than the classic chain!! What a knock out bag. What a shopping adventure you had in "Sin City." Enjoy your gorgeous, knock out bag and accessories!! Thanks so much for posting pics -- always a smile.
  9. OMG your bag is hot! This is the one my SA has been asking me to get but your picture is so much bigger and clearer than what he sent me. Pls tell me if the chain is heavy? I am so scared of carrying white bags but the skin is really calling out to it soft or more or less like the regular caviar skin? And is it matte or shiny-ish IRL? white is it exactly (bright white or a muted white)? Sorry for the 20 questions but I'd like your opinion instead of just hearing the good stuff from my SA! Thanks!!
  10. Gorgeous!! What a great haul!! You have the best jewelry and that white flap is TDF!
  11. Amazing!!!! I want to go to Vegas!!!Sounds like you had a BLAST!!!!!! Congrats on your stuff..lucky girl!!
  12. I saw the caviar bag in Rodeo Drive this weekend.. It's totally gorgeous.. the new chain with the soft leather, not to mention the lock... *** SIGH ***

    I think it's the smaller size, do you gus know why it's so expensive? - I thought with a small size like that, it would be about $1,700- $1,800. (Just curious)
  13. Everything is just beautiful!!! I absolutely adore your bag! Congrats!
  14. wow nice haul..
    Isnt Vegas the best.. I got to get back..everything is so fabulous and addicting !!!!
    love the earrings and the bracelet.. well I love it all. congrats
  15. Now that is what I call Shopping!!
    Congrats!! Everything is just...Beautiful!!