Back from's the Chanel haul

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  1. ooh everything is so pretty! congrats!
  2. wow that classic flap is amazing!! it is making me rethink the reissue that i'm on the waitlist for!
  3. Wow,what a haul!I love the first pair of earrings in particular!Congrats!:drool:
  4. Oh my - you did good! All of it is gorgeous! What Chanel did you go to? Congrats!
  5. Wow o Wow...I love everything that you brought back home, esp...that TDF blanc reissue!!! After seeing this thread, I want to take the first flight over to Las Vegas...:wlae: Congrats and thanks for sharing your goodies with us.
  6. nice haul Dawn!! did you have a good time in vegas?!?!!

    i am LOVING the earrings (especially the first pair!) and that white caviar flap is HOLY CRAP HOT! love it!
  7. wow! i love it all!
  8. The bag is from the Bellagio Chanel, along with the first pair of earrings.

    The silver earrings are from the Chanel in Ceasars.
  9. Thanks Jen!!!!! The caviar leather on this bag is so soft...I just had to have it!!!! Those first pair of earrings really look cool IRL...they also come darker. Mine are in the gold metal, but they also come in gold metal with darker stones.....they were very cool looking!!!!!
  10. OMG that caviar classic flap with the Mademoiselle lock is my DREAM bag. Thank you so much for sharing these pics (& also congrats on all these beauties!). That flap is exactly how I envisioned the PERFECT flap would look chain combined with that Mademoiselle lock. Understated, chic.

    May I ask if you saw that style in any other colors/sizes? (i.e. does that new classic flap style -- new chains w/ Mademoiselle lock -- come in other colors....or perhaps the Jumbo size?) TIA!
  11. I shop in Vegas alot and just was wondering if you liked one over the other. Did you go to the Chanel in Wynn, too?
  12. Love the bag and the sunnies are HOT.
  13. The SA told me that it was not going to be coming out in the Jumbo. I didn't see it any other colors either....but these SA's don't know everything, so don't hold me to it!!!!
  14. I liked the Chanel at Bellagio better, I think they had a bit more stock in bags and least when I was there.

    I have to be honest here, I can't remember if I went into the Chanel in the Wynn. I ate lunch there, and shopped.....but I can't remember the Chanel there :confused1:
  15. the bag is gorgeous!