Back from vacation with some special presents! <3


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Nov 29, 2006
HI!! I'm back from a short lil vacation with Andrew we took uptown from the 3rd till today. It's a lil getaway we wanted and something for our 1 yr anniversary coming up on the 10th. (that week was booked, hehe). I got some LV me it gets real good at the end, so stay w/ me, lol.....

So, we had a great time and hung around a lot and rested A LOT. we also went to the BMOA and saw the Murakami show - but no tPFers =(. Hopefully on the 1st of june we will for the camo debut! we are taking my parents to it also cause it is their 40th wedding that day! it should be real fun =)

but, back to the 1st day there...andrew me and my bon bon went to the store on 5th. a really sweet SA came to me and liked my bag, lol. we started talking. everyone was so nice there. i asked her about the turquoise/mint inclusions. she had some and i checked each out very very well. i found 2 perfect flawless ones. no chips, no eaten away areas, nothing. So, Andrew got them for me for my anniversary gift(s)!! Here they are:

on our second day we went and met up with a tPFer for lunch and hung out and had an awesome time!!! i loved meeting you and chilling hun - you rock!! - you know who you are, hehe! :heart:33

then on the 5th we went to the Murakami show and everything was so cool and awesome. i saw my HG Eye Dare You Travel Bag and omg, cleanup on aisle murakami! droool, swooon, weeep. damn that unbreakable glass...and those security guards...and cameras..err, hmm. oh, hello. sorry bout that. anyways, the bags i werent impressed with for sale, but thats why we have june 1st! andrew and i got some really adorable stuffed animals...the skull is andrew's!!!! Here!:

all these pics in this post were taken in our hotel room by the way, lol...

Anyways, then...yesterday we went to rock center to hang out and go to nintendo world and play and of course, for me...LV in Saks. hehe. so, we go to our fav. SA and say hi and chat. we look around and browse, etc. mancrazy, some exotic watercolor's, etc....then i turn the corner further into the store and in a beautiful display high up in the heaven's there it was. unclaimed, unwanted..waiting for me. they got in it the day before and 1st put it out that next day.... so...i got it!!!!! it was FATE! Please welcome my new and most precious baby!!!:

Poe, my FIREBIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love little Poe, omg, hehe.

one more pic~!

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Wow, love it ALL Gayle!!! I loooove Andrew's stuffed animal haha and the sun with rainbow somethings around it is so cuuuute haha i want one! Is the one on the right named "Ka I Ka I"? I know how to read some japanese hiragana haha. IT sounds like you had a great and fun day...... very envious. Congrats on the hot bag of course..... I really want to visit NYC and go shoping with you haha :tup:


Aug 2, 2006
Holy $hit Gayle!!!! AMAZING goodies!!!! Lets do a meet soon! I absolutely love your new Firebird!! OMG wow can't wait to see it HAHA!!!! CONGRATS GAYLE!!!! Happy Anniversary !!!


Oct 30, 2007
Congrats Gayle! Love your firebird! The LV in Saks is also one of my favorites to shop at!


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Jan 11, 2007
OMG Gayle! Congrats!!! What a great story, happy anniversary :flowers: to you and Andrew!! Great haul...I'm drooling :drool:

PS - I'm waiting to see if Andrew is going to post a new epi grenade goodie :smile: