Back from vacation with an Orange

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  1. I'm back from visiting my family in Italy and I brought back a small Venetian souvenir. My husband really wanted to see Venice again and I tagged along looking forward to browse the various boutiques and I found probably the most unwanted bag in the whole forum.... but I :heart: it.
    The first picture is from the Chanel boutique in Venice, I'm the homeless-looking woman gazing at the various bags, going for the kill. This picture is the proof that SAs are not at all snobby if you are not dressed nicely, the lady in the boutique was super nice.

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  2. OH, tell me, tell me about shopping in Italy. My daughter leaves Friday for Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan.....I am dying to put in an order......suggestions please!!!! and also restaurant and hot spots for them to go to!!!-Thank you for any tips and info!!!!!:heart:H
  3. And....what did you get?????
  4. ooh, i can't wait for photos!!! I'm guessing an orange classic flap with silver HW?
  5. Congrats! I can't wait to see pics.
  6. Hang on, it's not uploading the pics anymore... I broke the forum.
  7. Teeease!!! And homeless, my ass! What a lovely, lovely b-bag :heart:.
  8. Oooh very cute! The color is so punchy!
  9. oh, drats, i was so close! Such a vibrant color! very cute!
  10. LOVE that color!!!

  11. I have to say that the prices are not at all good anymore, the dollar is way too weak and even with the VAT refund it is a bit cheaper to buy in the US or about the same. In Venice the Perforated Flap was 1600 euros, in Milan was 1650 or so.

  12. LOL, love my City but it's the only Bbag I saw in Italy other than a fake one . Also not that many Chanels, Italians are too afraid of being a target for pickpockets.
  13. congrats on your new chanel its so cute! love that pic with your bbag at the chanel window :P
  14. I LOVE this color, congrats!! :drool: So pretty for summer... I was tempted to get the e/w size in this! :smile: