Back from TJ'S and they had coach

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  1. Just got back from tj maxx, and they had lots of coach!
    well not like hoards, but more than last time!
    So lets see : I picked up a little something for my secret santa!
    and they had this small hobo bag- in a really pretty purple suede, it looked like a soho something to me, but i've never seen it before, and the hardware was brass, it was really cute, but it was 200 dollars, and there was something on the suede like something had gotten spilled or maybe candy or something? it was just a little place but still.
    [​IMG] sort of like this, only this is soho, and the hardware- like i said wasn't this, also the strap was suede and it zipper pull wasn't fringe like this...
    They also had this white hobo- it was like satin- ish with the c's like stiched .. son't know how to explain it, but it had fur on it.. let us try to find a pic shall I?
    [​IMG] ahh this is it, me no likely, but i figured some one might...

    and then of course the still had the beautiful ombre tote which i drooled at for about 5 minutes, but i didn't have the 300 for it then and still don't so it had to stay there.....
    [​IMG] but i think the one they had was smaller than this.... maybe not....

    anyway being the good samaritan i am, i pout all the coach stuff one one hook, so if any fellow coach enthusiast, such as my self came along, the wouldn't need to search through like me, and they could have themselves a hayday right there!
    oh and they had this... but only one......[​IMG]
  2. tHAT's a lot of coach at one time. I need to go by TJ's tomorrow to see what they have.
  3. We just got a new TJ Maxx but I've never seen Coach there!
  4. Went to my local TJ Maxx today and did not see any Coach. I did not know they carried Coach. I thought Coach sent bags that weren't selling to the outlets. Any thoughts?
  5. Lucky!

    The TJ's i've been to have NOTHING> T_T
  6. I didn't know TJ's had Coach! Def. gonna be looking into that!
  7. Our TJ's has Coach and Dooney every week, but you have to be in there the day the truck is unloaded to get any Coach--it flies off the racks!! I got my hot pink duffle and my straw bee tote there for absolute steals, but only because I was watching the workers hang them on the shelves, LOL.

    Pays to ask what day the truck comes in at your local store ;)
  8. My local TJMaxx has Coach agendas....on CLEARANCE right now!!!
  9. oh yeah tj's has dooney too- lots of bubble and the picnic print....
    that's the most coach i've seen there, and it was hidden, but being a certified coachaholic, i spotted it in the misdt of a thousand bags! think of it like a needle in a haystack!:graucho:
    ha ha ha but i was sad to walk away a second time and not have that ombre tote! it is really pretty irl!
  10. and i think the people at my tj maxx must be dumb because there were lots of people in there who had coach bags, and there was coach stuff there! i was even talking to my sister extra annoyingly about all the coach this or that!
    but people were all over the dooney stuff, i'm thinking because the coach they has wasn't signature stuff- like the dooney- but i mean you could take one look and go is that coach? and sure enough it was.....:rolleyes:
  11. [​IMG]

    I saw a framed clutch that looked like this in TJMaxx today but it was khaki signature and the edges were like a baby blue it was so adorable I had never seen that before it was like $129.
  12. Sorry about the huge pic Im trying to learn how to add pics and resize them and stuff!
  13. YES, TJ'S is a GREAT place to find COACH but you just have to be there at the right time to grab them.
  14. I haven't seen coach at my store for a really long time.

  15. What??? And you didn't grab it????