Back from the shopping trip! Come see what I got!!

  1. Hi everyone!! As you know, Shoes319 and I went to Boston today. Well ladies and gents, after MUCH debate, I went with.....


    I love it! It's just the right size, the straps can be adjusted, the inside is spacious, and the golden balls on the zipper pull are just so cute!!!

    Now--for the info!!!! Okay here goes, in Boston:

    Saks LV store had a Polly!!!! It's huge!!! It's got to be 24"L x 10"H x 8"W!!!! It looks like a suitcase, but man, what a suitcase!!!!

    Both Copely LV and Saks LV had every piece of groom merchandise in stock, all agendas, wallet, cles, rounde.

    Saks LV had many pieces of pink inclusion jewelery.

    Copley LV had a Indigo pochette, PTI wallet, and Ludlow out on the floor!!!! This is all they have left for indigo though!!

    That's all I can remember for now, if I remember anything else I'll let everyone know!!

    It was a great shopping day!!!
    DSCN0598.jpg DSCN0595.jpg DSCN0596.jpg DSCN0597.jpg
  2. Congrats!!
    The PH looks great on you.:flowers:
  3. Congrats!! enjoy your new bag.
  4. Oh yea, and Saks LV also had Jack and Lucy but not the orange and white ones, the brown and lt. brown ones!!! They were awesome so cute!! $280, though, and it's like a keychain but you can attach it to your bag like a charm!!
  5. Congrats! The PH looks great on you!:yahoo:
  6. It looks wonderful!! what a great choice!!:flowers: thanks for the info!!
  7. Congrats! your new PH looks HOT on you!!!:yes:
  8. Congrats on your new bag..Love that bag...
  9. Great choice.:yahoo: Sounds like you had a wonderful day seeing all that LV!!
  10. Congrats - now we're ph twinsies !
  11. Congratulations! The PH looks so good on u!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Congratulations!!
  14. Oh cute! Congratulations, it looks fabulous on you! I love the gold zipper pull on this bag.
  15. Congratulations! It looks great!