Back From The Seattle Party!

  1. The booze was flowing and the black amex cards were flying!! I got the new thick catalogue thrown in my bag with my pink pleaty, matching sneakers and the matching belt and my SA said the price increase is June 12. I carried my Ambre bucket bag with the tortise straps and it was a parade of LV bags on the line outside to get in.....everyone had a different bag with them and it was so much fun to see the variety. Sunglasses were hot sellers and so were shoes and bracelets. 10% of sales went to a local charity...we had our photo taken lots of times and ate yummy hor'deuves.
  2. Sounds like a blast!!!! God, I would give anything to go to one of those parties!!!!! Please post pics of your goodies!
  3. Sounds fun!!! PICS, please!!!:biggrin:
  4. I'm so glad you had a great time! You came home with goodies too! Congrats! I'd love to see pics!
  5. Ooooohh what did you get? Post pics! :graucho:
  6. have you seen the fringe line?
  7. ooh wow, sound like fun!! was everyone dressed fabulously? hope you took pics!
  8. Sounds like fun! :biggrin:
  9. Wow, sounds awesome ! And I looove the LV ambre bags, it was definitely a good choice for the party ! ;)
  10. Yes, the fringe line was there and the hat box. People were pretty dressed up for Seattle, most of the women were in wedges and dresses. I'm too tired to post pic but I'll get around to it. I overheard one couple who drove 3 hours to come to the party. I whispered into my SA ear that I wanted VIP perks and he said he would send them to me so that no one else would see!
  11. Everytime I think of getting a black Amex my friends and family are like NOOOOOOO....the perks are great but man that card is DANGEROUS. I would have loved that party jealous!
  12. The black AMEX isn't worth it. The benefits are getting worse. Some people said that the Platnium concierge has a much better service. Plus they are going to introduce the Titanium Black card or something like that so all their efforts are focused on that.
  13. coldplaylover - wow! you're so swish!!! hehehe, i can only dream of going to such a function! sounds like you had fun though! YEAH, VIP perks!!! SO lucky!!! weee heee!!!
  14. Sounds fun! You picked a great bag!
  15. Omg, I'm soooo jealous!!! :amazed: Love all your new conquests. I want to see those pictures!!! :yahoo: