Back from the party NEW LV for me and *PICS*

  1. I couldn't take pics inside because an actual photographer from a magazine was there to do that they said but for sure next time:smile: Any ways, it was a slow start. GORGEOUS watches they brought in, this guy bought the LV Regatta watch for like $7700! I wanted to marry him. Everything was perfect, the food, the drinks, AWESOME! it did get a tad crowded! but I got my picture taken with my mom and it might be in the magazine, I will for sure post pics if it does happen!

    I ran in to the fellow tpf'r Winotty who I helped decide on that gorgeous black mc Marilyn bag with the help of my mom lol. NOW what did I buy you ask? well I had the hardest time because I got there and I originally had 1 thing in mind but I saw the new men's s/s show bags and about DIED! lol I LOVED both the sac plat and the Sacoche MM!

    LV CUP stuff was awesome! I want the hat! any ways enjoy the pics and I will proably post again with more info I forgot!
  2. Sounds like fun!! Glad you had a good time there!
  3. There are only 3 left! I had to do it! They ordered it in for me! I almost passed on it for other things but when I left with it and was in the car, I felt SO good knowing I have it lol. I present the Tobago Keepall 50 in Blue along with other pics!

    This is my LAST keepall! I made a promise lol!!!

    Invite/reciept Holder

    Window display I was able to take a pic of lol!





    Cant find the damn date code though lol
  4. It sounds like you had a great time.:smile:
  5. Tobago Keepall= :drool: :drool: :drool: CONGRATS!
  6. Oh la la...:nuts: congrats:yahoo: on your gorgeous keepall. Stunning colour.
  7. CONGRATS!!! Beautiful!!!!!!!!!
  8. Congrats! The Tobago Keepall looks great and the leather is TDF!
  9. I'm glad you had such a good time!! That will be really exciting if you and your mom's picture gets in the magazine!
    I LOVE your keepall, the color is TDF, seriously it is just so rich looking! Wonderful choice!!!!!
  10. Congrats! Love the keepall! I want one of those now...
  11. yep that is gorgeous, you'd only kick yourself if you left without it.

    my store has the yellow & red tobago carryalls and they are stunning I love the feel of tobago congrats!!
  12. oooooo!
  13. Tobago is so squishy and smells AMAZING omg! my room smells like it now lol! mmmmmm

    glad I got it, I already picked out my next purchase... may need a loan though lol

    They also had a crap load of nomade luggage, like alzers and a steamer which was $11k I asked lol
  14. :drool: Wow!! Glad you & your mom had a good time, congrats on that gorgeous keepall.
  15. wow!! great keepall matt! the color is tdf!!!! congrats!