Back from the outlets!

  1. Hi everyone,

    My bf and I got back from a whole day of shopping at the Cabazon/Desert Hills Premium Outlets and we got two items from the Burberry Outlet.

    I got the small nova check cosmetic case for $50 (original price $79) and a dark brown check/horse pattern suitcase for $348 (original price $895)!

    They also had a ton of nova check, red & black patent leather trim purses! There are even some still on the regular Burberry website that were in the outlets! I really wanted to get a purse but I've recently gotten two new Fendi's so I had to pass. But I just wanted to let you ladies know what I got! I will definitely post pictures later.
  2. thanks for the update! i cant wait to see that suitcase, what a deal!!
  3. Thanks for the info- can't wait to hit the burberry outlet in Orlando
  4. Pics please! :nuts:

    You got some great deals!
  5. Yes pics please I wanna see.
  6. congrats, awesome deals!!
  7. I'd love to see the suitcase!
  8. Pics please, looks like you had great deals!
  9. Hi all! Here are the pics as I promised!!!

    I forgot to mention that the suitcase is a rolling, carry-on luggage piece which perfectly matches the messenger bag my bf got from the same outlet a few months ago. We got him this suitcase so he could match the messenger when he goes on short business trips. He was totally against designer brands and spending $$ at first but I've slowly changed his mind! I will definitely post pictures of him and his coordinating bag later. :yes:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    P.S. I also got a few items from Coach so look for my Coach update w/ pics later!
  10. ^^OMG- that's my favorite Burberry line EVER! So much nicer than the shadow check- I'll post pics of my duffle later.
  11. Glad you posted pics- great purchases!
  12. Love the suitcase! And you got a great deal!! Congrats!!
  13. omg what a deal you got on that suitcase!!! i think i need to get out my closest burberry outlet PRONTO!

    and love your cosmetic bag too!
  14. Looks fantastic! I've only got a Coach outlet near me, but I'm going to start looking for a Burberry outlet, too!! You've inspired me!
  15. Thanks everyone! I really love the outlets near me. They always have such fabulous finds. I'm in the process of trying to photograph the messenger bag my bf got a few months ago. It's in the same exact pattern as the suitcase and was on clearance for $150! My bf doesn't live too close to me so I'm trying to get him to take pictures of it for me so I can post it. He thinks I'm so silly! :rolleyes:

    From the same Burberry outlet - I've also gotten a two piece bathing suit for $50. And from the Off Saks outlet across from the Burberry store - I got a stainless steel Burberry watch for $150. I'll have to post a picture of my complete Burberry collection soon as well. Not much purses but more so accessories. :lol: