Back from the outlets! Here are my goods!

  1. Well I went to the outlets (again!) Made the 2 hour one way trek and of course we hit traffic.. but dh, kids and I went to 2 coach outlets, ate dinner and got home at 11:30. When I got to the first outlet they had no shoulder bags left at all.. so I was really glad I had the two held... they are beautiful!!! Both outlets still had Mandys and Satchels, but both are too big/bulky for me. I went a little overboard but couldn't drive that long and not be able to decide on what I want.. and I didn't know what the other outlet would have. My mom may take one of these off my hands, but the rest I will choose.. Anyway, here are my goods, enjoy!!!

    What's in the tissue?!? [​IMG]
    this is a slim flap
  2. wow!!! I love them all!!!! what a nice haul!!:nuts:
  3. What a successful trip! Good for you!:yahoo: Enjoy!
  4. Wooooweeee! You done good girl!! I love the black shoulder and ali!
  5. OMG black leather Ali!!! Great Haul!!

    Everything is beautiful!!!
  6. wow--I can't believe all the gorgeous legacy bags you picked up! Amazing... how are you going to even decide which ones to wear first? Love all your choices!
  7. I think I just drooled on my keyboard a little bit... :drool: :shame:

    Everything is gorgeous!!! Good haul!!! :tup: :love:
  8. :nuts: :drool: WOW!! They are so sexy sitting there all together! The '06 Legacy collection ROCKS!
  9. Thanks guys!!! :tup: I know! They are all just so gorgeous I couldn't leave one out! :nuts: I am trying to decide which ones for sure are mine.. I know the white ali is mine, and one other ali.. the rest I have to see my bank account :wtf:
  10. wow!! what an amazing haul. congrats on all your beautiful new pieces!!!
  11. :wtf::drool::love::wtf::nuts: *faints* OMG! You did GOOD girl! Your DH let you buy all of that?!? Now I know I love him. I LOVE your black Ali! I need one of these...
  12. I have just 3 words for you "HOLY CRAP! AMAZING!" :tup:
  13. OMG -- such an amazing haul!!! I love the family pic! Congrats!
  14. lol yep he did! On the way home he was saying how he would have no problem with me keeping one ali in each color because it is such a classic bag that he loves. I am not keeping them all though... it is just so hard to drive that far and make quick choices! I also love the black ali.. got one in siggy and leather for now lol Plus I thought my mom would want one but I guess after I talked to her she went to an outlet closer to her and already picked up an ali! lol One convert at a time.....
  15. WHAT a haul, congrats and enjoy!