Back from the outlet

  1. I have been wanting something in chocolate and I had my eye on the pebbled leather but I ended up getting this patchwork duffle. It is really nice in person. I kept getting drawn to it.
    The sale wasn't bad but not as good as Labor day.
    pw duffle.jpg
  2. Gee, that looks gorgeous!!! I love the patent patch! My denim tote only has one small patent patch and it's my favorite part of tht bag!
  3. I love that patchwork -I saw it recently when I was on an outlet and found it very hard to resist. It's beautiful - enjoy it!
  4. Love it! enjoy
  5. Ooooh, I love those bags. Even though I am not really a brown person, I think those bags look so rich. I saw them at the outlet a couple weeks ago and was stunned. Congrats!
  6. prcheney - What other styles did they offer on sale at the outlets besides the brown patchwork? (Trying to decide if I should go to the Leesburg outlet this weekend...)
  7. I saw that this week and it is GORGEOUS in person! You are right, the colors are so rich! Congrats!
  8. Very pretty bag!! Thanks for sharing!! :smile:
  9. To bearonica, in response to what else was on sale. Pebbled leather, leather duffle bags with the zipper on the front, the carryalls with the clasp, there was some tweed left on sale, some of the wave gallery totes, and there was a lot of suede on clearance in tan and maueve. Also there were some green pebbled leathers on clearance.
    The sale was IMO okay, but I found the labor day, 4th of july sales to have more. Good luck!
  10. Thanks prcheney! I will probably skip the outlet this time around. I've splurged on previous purchases and will give my wallet a rest!

    But congrats on the brown patchwork duffle! It's GORGEOUS and I'm sure you'll enjoy carrying it! Lucky girl!
  11. If you like purple or plum, the Leesburg outlet has lots of it in leather and suede, including gallery totes in medium and large, and matching wristlets. I am such a sucker for purple. Even the SA teased me about it, when I bought two purple suede wristlets, but I made sure she knew that one was for my mom (so she wouldn't steal mine!).
  12. ooh, I've never seen that bag before. happy for you!
  13. Love the bag...I saw it this weekend at the outlets I visited & fell in love w/ the demi. No I didn't get it b/c it was too small but the chain strap was too cute. Congrats!
  14. Congrats!!!