Back from the outlet!!

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  1. This trip, my outlet had the WORST selection of bags/accessories that I have ever seen. Crapola, pretty much - for me, anyway. BUT...I did manange to find that one bright light (and an accessory or two!). Hint - its nothing I thought I would ever buy, and the price was incredible!! Any guesses (this is my first "reveal", but I'll make it quick!!)
  2. I'm all eyes!!! ;)
  3. lurex wristlets?
  4. what about those soho wristlets that are showing up there?
  5. I'm waiting with baited it an Amanda satchel???
  6. Hmmm, a swingpack?
  7. Amanda and accessories?
  8. OK here goes - I dont do "waiting" well!

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  9. donnalynn, did you go to the AC outlet? I was thinking about going, but don't want to waste my time if they don't have anything interesting there.
  10. We are bag buddies! I love the way it fits around my hip. Congrats!
  11. I walked around for about a full hour trying to find "hidden little gems", but there was nothing to be had today. No teal Hamptons carryalls, no Bridgits (so happy I got mine on ebay). I carried around a gray vintage hobo (looked like an elephant ear on me!), the purple patent hobo and satchel (first one was just ok, satchel was too small in a not good way), a plum medium Carly - again!(again, small, but not in a Bridgit way - just would wind up cramming everything in like I did in the past w/Carlys - but SUCH a pretty bag). No good wallets at all - nothing less bulky than my french purses, no Legacy wallets (old or new ) - nada. Crappy wristlets, etc etc. Then my last walk around, on the bottom bottom shelf I saw the convertible tote. There were only 2 there, and I would have never even picked it up if I didnt admire it on some of our TpFers lately. The SA came over and said "oh thats a boutique transfer - and its only $139!" I was like SOLD!!!!! It lays flat against the body, so comfortable and really, even though Im not a pink girl at all, I think it'll be very pretty in the spring. I put it over my shoulder and the angels sang!! and did I mention it was only $139 - holy crap! I got the little gold skinny for like $17, and the perfume solid 9.99 and I was on my way! They did have a few Amanda satchels, a few capacity wristlets and some jewelry cases, but that satin just makes me too nervous! So with the two wristlets I returned from a previous trip, these cost me $80!!
  12. Yup thats my closest outlet. What are you looking for, and I'll let you know if they had it. The outlet (people-wise and bag-wise) was the emptiest Ive ever seen it.)
  13. Yup, you and bagap are two of the ladies who made me take another look at this bag. I really would not have even picked it up - it was NEVER on my radar, which would have been a shame cause its really cool and different, which is one of the things I REALLY like about it! Oh, that and the price haha!!
  14. My outlet had them for around the same price,but i liked them much better in pics than in person for some reason. I think im picky.LOL

    Nice color tho. I like it.
  15. Nice!! I love this bag. It's very pretty Donna. :girlsigh: