~*~*~Back from the outlet!!!~*~*~

  1. Hey everyone!

    I just got back from the outlet and wanted to show you my new addition.

    Also, (for nauticalstar) I wanted to let you all know what the Waterloo outlet has right now. They had TONS of suede: totes, shoulder bags, and hobos. And TONS of pebbled leather items. They also had a lot of Ergos. They had the large totes, orig. priced something like $500 and some odd dollars and down to 300 and some odd dollars....pretty good....not in my price range right now though :sad: (holidays and all:smile:). And they had the medium Ergo totes, which were a lot smaller than I thought IRL. They were down to about $250 (not exact, sorry) + a 20% off additional discount. Anyway, the leather is nice! They had black and camel. They had Lurex wristlets in gold and silver. And they had Holiday Patchwork totes (medium and large--I think they called them lunch and book totes--sorry, I'm really botching this! They were from 250-300 approx.)

    Anyway, w/o any further delay, here is my new addition, the Soho Sig. Lg. Hobo. It is orig. $298, factory price, $269, marked down to $169.99 + additional 20% off discount, came to about $143 w/ tax. So I was pretty happy. Here she is!!! Sorry for the long post!
    Picture 525.jpg Picture 526.jpg Picture 527.jpg Picture 528.jpg Picture 529.jpg
  2. Congrats!!

    What... no accessories?? *lol*
  3. nope, no accessories for my accessory....LOL!!!
  4. Oh and they also had those really gorgeous top handle bags in black, the Gramercy Satchel, like Taralindsey has, it sort of resembles an Hermes Kelly. Soooo pretty IRL. I was VERY close to getting it. It was also $169.99 + additional 20% off.
  5. I love that bag, I want to get one in all black or all brown :heart:

    Great find!!! And at a great price!
  6. Nice!!!...........Love it
  7. Ooh very nice - great choice. I love that braided strap!
  8. Great bag!
  9. Great bag! Wish I had a closer outlet! I think.... LOL!
  10. Love that strap. Great choice and good price!
  11. Yes I love that bag too!
    is it the big one or smaller one?
    I am really hoping the leesburg va one has a lot of good stuff- like soho when i go the first weekend in december!
    I really want to get a soho satchel- if i can find one for a good price, and there is also one i would die to have and soho satchel but it has two flap pockets on the sides.. a mia i think it's called!:love:
  12. Super pretty! Congrats!
  13. Well, they had a lot of soho satchels in Waterloo today, I would imagine a lot of the outlets carry the same products. Good luck, I hope you find one!

  14. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words!!!! I had a lot of fun today while I was out.
  15. Love it! This is just like the one I bought last weekend at the outlet but mine is black/black. I'm saving mine for Christmas but I really love the shape of it. And I'm sure that when it's full of all your stuff it will have the perfect slouch. I can't wait to use it. Hope you like it, congratulations!