Back from the outlet with an instant reveal. I'm undecided.

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  1. I picked up this periwinkle Audrey, but I'm not sure if she's a keeper or not. She might go back. What do you think?
    I like the color, but I'm not sure what color clothing it goes with. Should I keep the Audrey?

    With flash:


    Without flash:
  2. I love that color! It would look great as a pop of color against black! Plus it would look nice against dark jeans, too.
  3. yes!!!!!! she will look great with jeans!!!!
  4. I think it's a really good color to wear, especially in spring. Goes great with black too. I would wear it with just about any color except orange (but then, orange isn't my favorite color :P)
  5. keep it!!! love the color such a great all year round color
  6. I love the color, but I am not a fan of the Audrey or Sabrina for that matter. It is a matter of taste so if you love that style I say its a keeper. The color is beautiful!
  7. i agree with the others!
    she'll look great agains black or w/ jeans and T.. or in the spring and summer w/ yellows, whites, pinks, and purples!
  8. I like it...I really do...but, is there something there that you wanted more?

    Normally when I'm "undecided" I've really decided...I just need confirmation that it should go back. My rule of thumb is that if you don't love it, 100%, no doubts...then it isn't right.
  9. Well, I like the color, but I am not sold on the Audrey. I like satchels and I have a Sabrina that I love. But, I also get annoyed sometimes with my Sabrina if I carry it too much. It can sometimes be annoying when you can't just throw it over your shoulder and I'm not a fan of how it looks with the longer strap.

    I really want a pop of color for this spring and summer, so this just might be a good bet. Of course, I am really eyeing the new Elisa too. . .

    Decisions Decisions!
  10. I personally think you can wear it with anything t-shirt and jeans or dress it up anytime of year!
  11. That color would be really good for jeans. Doesn't it drive ya nuts when they make bags in colors you want but are not crazy for the bag.
  12. i think it'll go will with jeans, but i'm not a fan of the color.
  13. I'm not the biggest fan either, and you seem iffy about it, so I say return.
  14. i think shes beautiful and all seasons please keep her!
  15. She's a keeper!