back from the outlet w/ my legacy haul....

  1. oh boy did i save some monies...i am uploading the pics now -

    I got a parchment Ali and a parchment Mandy Courier and a black 06 Legacy Satchel...

    I saved...are you ready.... $935 bucks!!!!

    Pictures coming....
  2. :wtf: OMG! Can't wait to see!
  3. OMG!!!!!! This is going to kill me!!!

    I want something in Black Legacy leather sooooo bad!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am so jealous!!! Can't wait to see pics!!! :nuts:
  5. how the hell do you load pics???
  6. yeah, that seems to be my problem too...damn it...

    dh is working on it.... they are too big....
  7. wow, i can't wait to see!
  8. Droooooling, cant wait to see pic's.
  9. When you post the reply you can simply click on the paperclip and a window will pop up to allow you attach pictures to the post.
  10. I usually can't attach pics because it says they are too large.. so I upload them to a place like photobucket and then resize and copy and paste the link.. it will post the pics straight on the post.
  11. :sleepy:

  12. what was the price for each? That's amazing! I knew it was odd that all of the ali's were gone from Jax.....I might have to see if mine has any and buy it again. I do love ali, I could fight through the weight!
  13. Ok, here you go - i think you can see my new Legacy Key Chain too - I ordered it w/ my Mini Lilly this week....

    omg - i think i am done for a while now.... this has to be it...... but i am such a sucker for anything Legacy....
    Ali.jpg Mandy.jpg my new babies.jpg 2006 Legacy Satchel.jpg
  14. Wow so beautiful!!!!

    I have an Ali in natural color on hold for me too.. YAYYYYY :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. OH MY... I really really can't take the pain anymore!!!!! :cry: :roflmfao: