Back from the outlet in Aurora Illinois

  1. I have the same question !! i heard about the new floorset in the outlet i hope they got it this Friday,if anybody will go tell us about what they have please.
  2. Can anyone check if they have the new Bonnie Canvas?
  3. I will be checking it out today late afternoon. Im working 6:30 to 3 pm today and heading straight there after work. I will keep you ladies posted when i get home. If anyone goes today during the day, if you get a chance please post

    On the Bonnie line, Cricket Line (Im looking for Rosegold small cricket style #13607 by the way too)
  4. I probably can't make it today, so I'll have to stop by over the weekend. If anyone goes, can they see what the price is on the bonnie leather satchels and if they had any of the bonnie leather olives also and the price of those. It will probably be picked over by the weekend, not to mention crowded, but we'll see!
  5. I will look for you shinesies today and keep you posted
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    Hi all my lovely Chicago-area TPF'ers!
    I was at the outlet when they opened - a lot of Bonnie came in! They were giving out the 20% off at the door too!

    They had the Bonnie totes and wristlets with the characters on them, metallic silver and metallic green Peytons (279.99 after discounts), Bonnie foldover bags (the larger leather ones were about $128 after discounts, not sure on the smaller ones). The bonnie leather satchels were there too, and the Madison Girl tote w/chain straps...They also had a bunch of the strawlike bags with green snake print accents. Madison zip-around wallets and another cute pouch with that opal iridescent snake print, the double-zipper wallets were there too...

    Oh, they got some more Zoes in, so I bought the Large black leather one that I wanted last weekend! So, all in all it was a good trip - I would recommend going.

    Let me know if you wanted to know about something specific & I can (hopefully) answer! I didn't see any Cricket there :sad: But they kept bringing stuff out, so you never know what is there now! Be sure to post anything you find (so I can be jealous!)
  7. Thanks for the report kells1983! Did you happen to see what color bonnie satchels they had there?
  8. Hi shinesies! When I was there they had the black/black patent trim, the pink colored one, and I think the tan/beige color.... they might have had a white one w/navy trim? I might be confusing that with something else, though... :shame:
    If anyone goes Saturday & sees anything good, PLMK! I am going to return something, and want to know if it will be worth it to go on the last day(s) of the coupon, or if I should just wait & return when I drive by again in a week or two!!
  9. They had lots of Bonnie. Not the sand color i wanted tho. I bought the Signature Zoe outlet last nite. No cricket at all. I was diappointed in that. Lots of scarves. The Bonnie leather i saw were black on black/ Putty color and White and navy.

    They had those Bonnie Cashin totes too in all diff colors. The clearance section was practically empty too. Lots of wallets still too. Lots and lots of wristlets too still.
  10. Where are all these scarves people are talking about? All I saw was the blue/beige "Froot Loops" pony scarf that came down to $10 after coupon! The others were all $29 & $39... Hmm, wonder what I'm missing?
  11. There were a bunch of scarves in the wallet bin to right of cash register when you walk in.
  12. ^^^ Yeah, when I was there the only scarves in that bin were the gauze-y op art square scarves (at $17.50 before coupon), and the blue/teal Fruit Loop ponytails at $12.50 before coupon. All other scarves were on the purse tables at $29 & $39... booo!
  13. I was thinking about going out there today, but the last time I was there it took me forever to find parking and it was a frantic madhouse... so I nixed the plans.

    Did anyone see any Mosaic Zoe's?
  14. ^^^ I didn't see any yesterday or last weekend - they have the newer Zoes in, the signature and the leather/patent leather ones. I agree, that mall is nuts! That's why I either have gone on a weeknight, or right when they open on weekends... otherwise it's too crazy for me!
  15. That is the only times i will go too. First thing on Sunday AM or weeknights. Refuse to go on Saturday.

    Did anyone go today per chance? Im dying for a rosegold cricket now. Style #13607