Back from the opening

  1. Well, the store here was undergoing renovations for the past 2 months or so and today was a really special day. It was a private invitation to a few customers to view the new store 2 days before it's officially opened to the public. And I was one of those lucky few! :p

    It was amazing! Total different experiece than the old store. I was in awe standing in there. Okay, moving on.

    Several not so common things in stock :

    1) Almost all of the S/S 07 Collection is in store
    2) Nomade trunks
    3) Louis Vuitton chess set
    4) Monogram Bronze (Looked so amazing! There were two sizes)
    5) Epi Lockits
    6) LoVe 1 : Canvas & Satin
    7) LoVe 2 : PM (Ecru and Khaki) & GM (Ecru)
    8) Black Suhali L'Extravagant
    9) Exotic Pink Alligator Marilyn
    10) All Vernis Amarante Bags & Accessories

    It was seriously a real 'pinch me now' experience! :smile:
  2. sounds like you had a fantastic time! is it still the same one on King St? is it much bigger now or was it more of a cosmetic change?
  3. Sounds like you had a blast!!! I woulda snuck in a camera. :p
  4. And yes, I got some 'loot' :

    1) Street PM in Or
    DSC03168 copy.jpg
  5. 2) LoVe2 GM in Ecru
    Firstly, I have to say pictures do not do any justice to this bag. They had it placed next to the LoVe1 Canvas, and this one stood out entirely. Colour is also a bit tanned compared to the LoVe1. The Khaki is almost similar to the ones karman photoshoped (great work btw!). There were no MMs so I didn't get to see the Terracota (in next week). Seriously, you got to see it IRL! :yes:
    DSC03164 copy.jpg DSC03166 copy.jpg DSC03167 copy.jpg
  6. ^^ LOL~ I was just about to ask if you bought something :graucho:

    Congrats! :yahoo:
    Maybe a modelling pic? :p
  7. 3) Lastly, Evidence sunglasses in Noir
    DSC03183 copy.jpg DSC03185 copy.jpg
  8. Yup the one and only :p. Double the volume and total remodelling of the interior.
  9. It was great! I wanted to, but it just didn't seem right for this occasion.
  10. thxs to sharing
  11. oooooh nice purchases. love the sunglasses.
  12. wow what a haul! i wish i had the balls to carry a Street Shopper. i absolutely love this bag :okay:
  13. :nuts:Congrats!! The Street PM is a beauty. Can't wait to see the LVOE 2 in Khaki.
  14. Congrats.. fab purchases ... I am waiting for the Khaki MM to arrive ... can you PLEASE model the LOVE2 GM....I love everything you purchased:heart:
  15. Congrats! I love the Street shoper and you definetlly got me into thinking on getting the regular LoVe tote:nuts: and one question is the Street shoper all braided leather or is it just the trim?:confused1: