back from the new store

  1. so i just got back from my trip to the new store. had to work this morning and then i headed over. it's beautiful. not too big but not too small. a great size. i tried on tons of stuff- the fall scarves, the new bond st scarf, bracelets, perfume. i looked at everything! my SA had hooked me up with an SA there but when I walked in another SA i knew from a different store was there and she and i started chatting so she ended up helping me and I guess will be my new SA. yay!

    Bags I Saw:
    2 lindys- etoupe and the rose dragee swift.
    37 graphite clemence bolide- omg i tried it on and i ADORE IT! that color is FANTASTIC!
    35 (i think) white swift kelly- lovely
    a very big black trim
    red croc birkin with diamonds

    They said they have been selling out of the bags very quickly and that pretty much as soon as they're out they're gone....

    ok, so what did i get? i went to get a wall st scarf. i did. truly. but truth be told none of the colors really worked on me and i couldn't see buying one just to have it. even though i am a born and raised new yorker....
    IMG_5254.JPG IMG_5255.JPG IMG_5256.JPG IMG_5257.JPG
  2. so??????????????????????????????????
  3. i got a few things for friends so the last shot are the things that are mine.

    when i first saw my HG kelly it was wearing the cutest twilly. since i put my order in i thought i should have it so when it comes i'm ready....

    my SA also gave me some samples of the new perfume caleche kelly. i love it but i never wear perfume so she thought i should try it out first before committing to a bottle. i have to say though that i would have and wanted to buy it based on the packaging alone. the perfume is pink and the closure is the same as on a kelly... omg ADORABLE. it's the kind if thing i think people would love to have in their bathrooms if they were not the wreck of 80,000 things as mine is.
  4. :drinkup:ok.... ready now H... GO!!!!!

  5. Cute twilly, congrats!!
  6. then i needed a scarf. love some of the new ones (forget the names). i fell in love with this new 70 cm one immediately. the colors are amazing- a grey and the orange and oh the contrasting hem! and the silk is soooo soft- you could cuddle up in it and sleep forever!
    IMG_5269.JPG IMG_5270.JPG IMG_5271.JPG
  7. Whoo hooo! Lots of orange boxes!!!

  8. Oh, that scarf is gorgeous!
  9. Oooh I love that scarf. I need to get a feel of one.
  10. then i told myself i could have another scarf. was between the wall st in black which was the best of them on me, and then the new horse bit-ish one in the green or the purple. loved both colors and the design but could not choose between them.

    taking a break i went to the perfume and bracelets.... i tried on a few bracelets and loved the double wrap in white epsom. but i'm so pale i wasn't sure it would work on me....

    then the SA pulled it out. perfection. the second she pulled it out we both KNEW. i still debated and thought about another scarf but i have so many... and nothing like this.

    sooooo..... here is my brand new barenia bracelet!

    i also got to try on a cdc bracelet. black. i don't know the leather. ph. it was super cool and looked GREAT but i could never get used to the hardware sticking out the way it does...
    IMG_5261.JPG IMG_5262.JPG IMG_5266.JPG
  11. The Kelly scarf is so beautiful. I want one.
  12. i'm telling you guys- those scarves are an absolute DREAM. the softness, the size. they're amazing. i almost bought the one i did in the black and gold but seriously this pattern in these colors are just sooo unusual. love!
  13. Yea!!! H so goegeous. Love the way you wear it (the bracelet)! Hurrah!!!
  14. for anyone who wants to know- the wall street scarf in blue is VERY bright. it's a very rbight turquoise and fushia. so not the right color for me. the coeur scarves are also VERY bright.
  15. That scarf is beautiful. I love it. My store only has three of the 6 anniversary scarves and I liked none of those. But i HAVE to get this one!!!