Back from the LV boutique....

  1. well some of you ladies know I was called to pick up the one-and-only Damier Azur Saleya PM that arrived in their shipment yesterday...

    Well when I finally went to the store today the SA brought it out from the back room and it was all boxed up with ribbon and looked quite lovely :smile: but boy am I glad I asked her to take it out from the box so I could take a sneak peek at it... the handles and vachetta that attaches the handles to the actually bag all had glue or some substance on them! :shrugs: At first the SA said "oh it's just glue it will come off..." and got this "glue eraser" they have and she tried to rub it off. Well that didn't do the trick and when she realized I was not satisfied another (male ) SA came over to see what the fuss was (because by this time my usual SA had finished with another customer and also came over to take a look at the bag). The male SA said "it's not a big deal, the bag will change colors in a few days and you will be the only one to notice it." I was like..."excuse me??? I'm about to spend $1k on a purse, I think I would prefer to buy one without flaws..." :cursing:

    My regular SA , as well as the SA that initially helped me where both quite understanding that I did not want the bag and told me that I will be called as soon as they get more in. So unfortunately I walked out of LV empty handed and pissed off b/c of the male SA.:crybaby:
  2. Wow, what a bummer -sorry your experience turned out like it did! I'd call your SA on Monday and see if they can get another one for you - or go to another LV near you!! I know, what a bummer!!
  3. aww~ i am sorry to hear that, but have you noticed the QC of these name brand has been sloppy than ever lately?? But did u like the size and the fit? I am SA will inspect every detail to ensure it's flawless (com'on, it's not a diamond, how hard it is to ensure flawless??) before they phone you. Good luck!

    itsgood2beme~OT, oh, love ur cat, does it still snoop around ur bh? ^_<
  4. That's a bummer..I am sorry that you have to wait a little longer..I am glad that you didn't settle for less..
  5. Thanks ladies.

    Yes the quality seems to be going down a bit and I'm beginning to rethink on spending so much $ on LV. I mean I noticed the marks right away when she took it out of the box... it wasn't just 1 teenie tiny mark but there were like 4-5 lines,marks on the vachetta.
  6. I would have done what you did. For such an expensive bag I would expect it to be perfect.
  7. ^ITA with the others. It was bummer and really glad you didn't settle for less!
  8. OMG, I can't believe the male SA said that as the bag is quite expensive
  9. aww sorry you had a bad experience! but am sure you will be more happy with a PERFECT Saleya pm!!

    btw, is the size OK? browsing through the visual aids section the PM seems big, but others say it's small..what are your thoughts?
  10. Im sorry it didnt work out. But a brand spankin' new one with no flaws will be so much more worth the wait!
  11. Augh! I am glad you checked!
  12. i bet that male SA is the one who wrapped it in the first place.

    sorry this one didn't work out but i'm sure you'll get a new perfect one!
  13. hugs...all I can say is
    he is a man what do you expect?
  14. I'm sorry to hear that, hope they call you for another one really soon! It's ridiculous about the glue though. Glue! 1k is 1k whatever the item is.
  15. i can see many tPFer have problems with male SA before...