Back from the holiday

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm back after 10 days of being off-line while visiting my daughters over Thanksgiving holiday. I kept thinking about you all, and hoped you were all having a good time. I'd love to hear what you all did for the holiday (if anything - I know not everyone here celebrates this holiday). In all my free time without a computer to distract me, I did a lot of jewelry making, and made some really cool stuff! (I'll post a thread with pics in the jewelry section of the forum.)

    Anyway, glad to be back!
  2. Glad to have you back!!
  3. welome back dear :heart:

    i adore ur avatar :heart:
  4. Nice to have you back!
  5. Welcome back! :smile:
  6. Welcome back!!
  7. ooo Pippi is that bracelet for sale???? I lovvve that color blue!! Welcome back!
  8. Welcome back!
  9. Thanks everyone!

    Every time I come on here, I think about how blessd I am to have this forum! You all are wonderful!
  10. Welcome back Pippi. Hope you had a wonderful holiday w/your children. We missed you.