Back from the Chicago Trunk Show

  1. I spent about 4 hours at the Michigan Avenue store yesterday and had a great time. Chanel had their trunk show, Manolo, Dweck ... It was a great day. They were even serving Lemon Drop Martinis while you shop!!

    I did not get as much time to spend in the chanel boutique as I wanted but here are my thoughts:

    The newest color I saw was called Paris Blue. Kind of like a blue grey. Beautiful and wearable. There was also a large tote ($3450) shown in this color. I had never seen anything like it. It was from the diagonal CC line. Even the closure was unique: a large oval that went over around two metal spheres. The shoulder straps were like the classic chain, then flat leather (which would sit on your shoulder) then chain again. If you don't have a tote and want to make a statement and have the $$$ to shell out then you should get this bag. It is very hard to explain as it is like no tote from Chanel that I have ever seen.

    The Diagonal CC line is very cute!! I did not expect to like this line as much but it was fun and very "spring".

    Paris Biarritz is treated canvas. Similar to the LV monogram bags but softer. Very usable and durable.

    Chains, chains, chains. So many different types of chains. The chain on this bag is shown on many different styles.

    This bag is made of calf skin and is a stunner. When you walk into the Chanel boutique this bag literally jumps out at you:

    There is a small version of the Rock and Chain. The Alligator Rock and Chain is around $34,000.

    The Soft and Chain is really cute and people who are waitlisted for it won't be disappointed.

    The expandable bags in dark white are fabulous!! The color is not too white but just white enough.

    Everyone seems to have green in their repertoire and Chanel is no exception. The green leather bags are more of a rich, grass green - not kelly green. All I could think of when I saw the green was Jeffrey Sebelia's green/white striped dress for the finale of Project Runway.

    The clutches are very substantial. They feel right when you carry them. KWIM? I never thought I would want a clutch because I thought it would feel like you were just carrying a big wallet around. These feel good in your hand. I even liked the perfo and didn't expect to.

    I did not care for the bag that was on the trunk show invitation. There were three of them sitting together on the shelf and all I could think of was "weenus". Sorry, don't mean to offend anybody but I think that reference has already been pointed out.

    The only prices I remember are the ones posted. If I remember more I will post later in the day.
  2. thanks for posting these pics. the blue is indeed beautiful....
  3. I should add I did not buy a Chanel bag for spring - yet. And I should make that a big yet!

    I got a ton of stuff which included: 2 new pair of chanel sunnies and a pair of oliver peoples aviators, a couple hermes twillies for my bags, tons of shoes (everyone is showing flats - even Manolo!) and some of which were Chanel. I think Smooth will love my new Chanel shoes and will post them as soon as I get them (probably monday or tuesday). They have the cork bottom, three silver rings down the front and kind of stappy. You can get them as flats or platforms. Red, white or black. The manager of the NM store got them also - so I feel like I am in good company!

    I also seriously contemplated these but have a black Louboutin in a sling back:

    I did get 2 pool bags: one Bottega Veneta and a Gucci, staw & scarf bag.

  4. I forgot to add the belts are TDF!! I saw the white black belt with the CC buckle. The braided gold bracelet that is shown in a lot of their ads also comes in a belt!!
  5. I think the first one you are describing might be similar to the one pictured on their website called 'lambskin bag with new closure" ... looks yummy.
    Thanks for posting, I love that dusty blue. :drool:
  6. thanks for the update! it's always fun to hear about the goodies seen at trunk shows...
  7. Same closure but different bag.

    My shoes are the ones in the 9th picture. The flats are shown later on in the slideshow.
  8. Maxter.. did u see chanel classic flap in this new Paris blue??
  9. Can you tell us how big the large white expandable bag with the flap is? I have not seen it in person but my SA said that the bag is HUGE! I'm 5'2" and she said the bag would be way too big for me. What do you think?
  10. I really dig the chain styles. Thanks for posting.
  11. What, no Cosmos????

    Thanks for the report, maxter!

    Were the green bags you saw the totes with the black trim? (I'm not crazy about the trim.)

    I can't get beyond that "weenus" thing, even if I do like those bags!
  12. I only saw the diagonal CC in this color. I did not ask so it may. I didn't really look too closely at the classic flaps.
  13. Yes it is large. But it depends what you like. If you like the classic flap then this is much bigger. If you like the look of a chunkier bag than this one is a good choice.
  14. WOW..I only got sparkling water and choc covered strawberries....LOL..I woulda preferred the Martinis..LOL..Thanks so much for pics
  15. Thanks for pics and feedback. It sounds like you had a ball!