Back from the boutique with my Marais, epi speedy on hold...

  1. Hi everyone! Well went to the boutique and still didnt like any of the shoulder bags, they onlyhad the soufflot in black, and thats too dressy for me! So i took the Marais back home!
    The SA i had, I personally dont like her, you feel like your taking her time up kwim?
    But I tried on the epi 25 in black and it was really pretty but still, :confused1:
    Girls I have never felt like this before!?!:sad: And im really peeded off now! I have money and im juste like eh, about everything! I even tried on the nimbus and was dissapointed! Whats wrong with me!?!?:shrugs:
    Do you think maybe I should branch into mono? I just cant seem to find anything I like!?:push:
  2. Me too!
    i browse the LV website everyday, but it seems i can't find something breathtaking!
  3. Hey
    Why don't you have a look at some of the mono stuff?
    Or vernis? They showed me a few of them and they are soo pretty :drool:
    Did they have the nimbus? :shocked:
    Oo how about the sahli stuff?
    You will find something soon that you just can't live without i'm sure :yes:
  4. Kaiie, yep they had the nibus but was V dissapointed with it! It was just HUGE on me, massive infact! It just looked soo silly!!! And I wasnt mad on the leather either!
    Honestly hun, I just dont know what to do! I needed Marcus, lol hes great at thinking of bags i would like!
    Yah i just dont know if mono is me! Can you think of any bags at all? xx How you getting on with your riveting? xx
  5. Its ok that you are feeling this way. We all go through it from time to time (I know I do a lot with clothes). Maybe you should consider branching out into mono?

    Just try to avoid making purchases without LOVING what you are buying. I have made that mistake - not been completely in love, purchased, then regretted b/c something better came along. Give it time, you will find your dream bag soon enough!
  6. Try Bbags for a change, then come back :smile:
  7. ohh :sad: i really want to see the nimbus still Lv are doing loads of huge bags atm!!! :wtf:
    Didnt you see anything else you liked? :sad: Did you try the Suhali bags? they looked really cute or why don't you return your Marais and wait for the Miroir??
    I'm sure you will find something!
    I'm getting on great with my riveting thanks :nuts: Hes such a beauty... i love watching the reflection off the plaque :nuts: Lol!

    But it still hasnt satisfied my need for more bags though atm :sad:
  8. Is there any monogram bags you like.
  9. Yeh I like Bbags, but didnt like the leather of the ones in Selfridges, and they aonly have like black and a dark blue colour.
    Kaiie, I would have tried on other bags if the SA was more helpful! She just couldnt be arsed! I sware when I asked to see the black epi she was like, ehh, ok then...

    Blah, i will prob get credit, and yeh if i get the lockit use it for that, but i still want a new bag! Maybe the reade or trouville? But i think i should have fallen in love with the bag straight away and that just hadnt happened!
  10. I like the Manhattan PM, the trouville, em any other suggestions? Im just scared of mono for some reason! I tried the petit noe and it was too big for me as well!?!:shrugs: oh yeh, the lockit and the sonatine look nice on the website as well!
  11. Urg some SA's think they are gods gift :wtf:
    Yea i know what you mean i fell in love with my Riveting straight away..
    But when i got there i didnt exactly know what i wanted so i said i didnt want another mono cus i already had 2, i didnt know if i wanted something bigger but because no one else was there i had 2 SA's helping me and they pulled out all of the vernis and lots of mono.
    I supose it's sorta up to the SA's when you don't exactly know what your looking for...It depends if they are nice or cba to help you if they are nice normally they can't do more...
  12. How about the mono Beverly or Alma or even one of the new Multi colore bags?
  13. Can I suggest the roxbury in noisette? Not too big, not too monogram-y (vernis), elegant but versatile? Can be handheld and has a shoulder strap.
  14. Kaiie, exactly and this one could nba! She just wasnt interested in helping me! Mmm not too sure on the beverly but I quite like the Marilyn.

    SOF: Yes i was thinking of the roxbury, or reade in noisette actually! I have the cles in that colour and its soo pretty!
    Its driving me crazy! Why cant I just fall in love with another bag! xx
  15. Does our boutique have the marilyn?
    If not why don't you go for the Epi speedy and see how you like that?
    I might go to Lv tomorow to have a look at the Nimbus and go to dior to get a ring .Just explain to the SA what you looking for Hope you find the perfect bag!