Back from the boutique on this rainy day and came back with...

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  1. A couple of items! One of which, I've been putting off buying because I thought it looked too plain and I really wasn't sure...

    BUT thanks to TPF and the wonderful pics that everyone has put up I decided if I'm thinking about it this much I should just go ahead and get it!!!

    Here's the first pic...(I promise not a LONG strip tease, just want to sequence the pics with my story)...

    It's raining and it's dreary and my tired old bones decided that I needed to do something fun. So off to the boutique I went and came home w/ a small shopping bag...

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  2. While at the boutique to purchase one very special item that I've been eyeing for SOOOOOOO long now. I was looking around and thought it needed a friend.

    A very nice SA was able to help me pick out a very pretty little friend to keep each other company!

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  3. First let's open the one in the dustbag!!!
    Presenting my VERY beautiful Damier Ebene Speedy 30 :love: I cannot wait to use her and get those wrinkles out! I really wanted a box for my Speedy but the SA said they were out. :hrmm:

    But I decided I wanted the bag more then the box so I went ahead!

    My poor little curious kitty cat is trying to get into the smaller box - I think she thinks it's a friend for her!!!. :rolleyes:

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  4. love it! i have been wanting a damier speedy for so long! i think ill get one before the price icrease thi week.
  5. While admiring the bag in the boutique I was contemplating getting a key chain. To dress it up a bit and make it a little bit more personal. But realistically, a scarf is a better accessory for me. I think it's more practical and it look really pretty on the bags I've seen here.

    And with this grey weather and the rain, I had my eyes set forward to spring/summer. And found a beautiful scarf that fit my needs! :heart:

    With that said here's my Speedy's new best friend, a Violet Monogram Pop Scarf! Just loved the colours and the print!! :love:

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  6. Congrats. Very pretty!
  7. Now let's see these two beauties together!!! I'm so in love with this bag and scarf!!!:love: I REALLY think the scarf gives it a nice touch!

    Unfortunately, I think in this picture you can really see how my poor little kitty cat is disappointed that what was in the box wasn't for her!! :sad:

    I'll have to give her extra pets to make up for that!:smile:

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  8. Thank you mustlovecatz! I must admit fear of yet another price increase made it a lot easier to get out of the house and into the rain today!

    And Thank you looking keokicat!
  9. very cute combo u got going on there! congrats. :biggrin:
  10. Congratulations! Fabulous choice with the Damier Ebene Speedy 30 & its pretty friend! Both items look great. Enjoy your newest purchases & great move to have gotten them before the dreaded price increase! :smile:
  11. Congrats! She's perfect! They go very well together.
  12. OOO sooo cute!! Congratulations... and YAY for beating the increase!! haha
  13. I love the Damier Speedy in Ebene ~ my fave Speedy! Congrats, great choice! And the scarf is beautiful ~ love it!
  14. Your scarf looks fabulous tied to your speedy!
  15. Congrats! Love it!