Back from the boutique...a little disappointed, no Bridgit!

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  1. Ok, as you all well know, I was excited/nervous to go to my boutique today. I went in, plan in hand. All was clear: I was ordering the Bridgit in camel, Barrett in Cranberry and buying a Legacy ponytail scarf ('c' on one side, stripe on the other) all on PCE. At first I was told I couldn't order the Bridgit even in an 'old' color because it was Legacy. But when I mentioned I called JAX, I was told they would make an exception even though it was against policy. WHATEVER!

    I have been calling JAX off and on for about a week now checking the available colors in the Bridgit. I was told this morning, two separate calls, there were 39 camel Bridgits left. Went to order the bag, and camel was NOT showing up in the system. :cursing: Didn't know what to do, I was stunned:wtf:. I asked if they could call a boutique and have one transferred:confused1:. I was told any boutique that had the Bridgit in camel would show up in the system:tdown:. There was nothing they could/would do, I was just out of luck -- not exact words, paraphrasing:sad:! She said JAX's inventory was probably so low, it just wouldn't show up in their system. How could this be? I don't understand how JAX can tell you one thing and the boutique tell you something completely different. I plan to e-mail and/or call Customer Service about this issue. They need to get their stuff together between the boutiques, SAs and JAX.

    There was a long line behind me, so I had to figure out Plan B...and fast:shame:! I ordered the espresso small/medium (12937) Sabrina. Both should be here later this week. I'm excited about both bags, but REALLY wanted a Bridgit. I was hoping they would allow me to order a 'new' Bridgit (even though I had my heart set on an old) since I was told I could order camel on PCE, but no-go on that either.

    FYI: Green Patent Sabrina is available and SA made the comment Lindsey is coming out in Mineral (she wants it).
  2. I am sorry the Bridgit didn't work out. I think a lot of us have had that same exact JAX/Boutique experience lately. I bet you will still love what you chose, regardless because they are great choices....

    Oh and WHAT IS THIS about Lindsay in Mineral? I think my heart may have actually skipped a beat with this news. Did they SA say that they were making one in Mineral or just that she wanted one? Please if you hear anymore on this let us all know.
  3. They could have called and gotten your discount on the Bridget.
  4. I mentioned to my SA I was waiting on the Sabrina to be released in cherry. She said she was waiting on the Lindsey to be released in the mineral. That's all I know. Maybe JAX would have more info. I know I was in love w/the Chelsea in mineral, but never got it.
  5. How did 39 bags magically disappear? :cursing:

    I'm so sorry you weren't able to get your Bridgit.
  6. You mean my boutique could have called JAX and gotten the discount? Could they have ordered the camel Bridgit, by phone, through JAX and used the PCE? I suggested they do this -- call, I mean. She said she had to order through the boutique's computer. Now I'm really mad if this could have been done:cursing:
  8. They had to right up a slip and fax it but they did it last PCE.
  9. I wish that you would have thought to order Bridgit in ANY color to get it on PCE. Then you could have exchanged it for the Camel, once all the discrepancies have been worked out.

    You should definitely call/speak to someone tomorrow. First call JAX again about the count, because I think your SA might have told a 'little white lie'. Especially since they didn't want to allow it in the first place. Eventhough all Brigit colors are allowed, except Bottle Green & Amethyst.

    Spending money shouldn't be this complicated...

    Good Luck!
  10. So you ordered the Barrett and Sabrina? Cool can't wait to see pics because i couldn't decide which to order for PCE. Since i saw the Barrett in person already i got that. Sorry about your disappointment on the Bridgit! Maybe next PCE!
  11. Sorry about the Bridgit, but congrats on the Sabrina and the Barrett. I can't wait to hear what your thoughts are on the Barrett. I'm really loving this bag more and more. Enjoy!!
  12. I tried, they wouldn't let me! The only reason they were letting me order camel is because it is an 'old' color.
  13. I may be able to get a Bridgit next PCE in the 'new' leather, but the old Legacy is what I really wanted. They may be ALL gone by the time the next PCE comes!
  14. They definitely should have been able to call JAX for you to double check if the computer wasn't going through. If you really want the bag I wouldn't give up. I'd talk to a higher up about the situation.

    I haven't heard anything about a mineral Lindsay, but the very mention of the colour "mineral" makes my heart skip a beat...
  15. I'm so sorry hun that this happenened to you... could you have ordered a bridget and when more camel bridget's came in just exchange it for that? I totally hear ya on JAX and SA info though... I swear you always get misinformed on all information... that is one thing I hate about the customer service! At least you were able to order a Sabrina! Lucky you! I wasn't even able to do that w/my PCE!